Friday, September 19, 2014

Depeche Mode: Delta Machine Concert 2013 Amsterdam

Last year in December Dutchman and I went to the Depeche Mode concert in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam.

Depeche Mode: Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 2013
The Delta Machine Tour | December 2013

Dutchman and I love the same music. We are both 80's kids and love alternative rock. We even like the same bands. Music in general is a great part of our teenage lives and I often sought solace before in music. I would tape record a song I like over and over, like record the whole side of a tape, then play it non-stop until my mother storms into the room and scolds me for playing a broken record. 'Why are you playing that darn music over and over again?!' lol

Nevertheless, I have always thought that the 80's were the best years when it comes to music. The 80's truly paved way for a different type of music genre. From alternative to new wave to techno to trance to house and to the DJ music that is still now gripping the music and club scene.

I am into chill out jazz lounge music nowadays though. I tell you, we all change as we age, and that includes our taste in music.

Here are some pictures and videos of the Depeche Mode concert. I loved them before. I was crazy about their songs. A throw back to the 80's night for us!

Depeche Mode at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam last December, taken just before the start of the concert.

Dave Gahan on vocals kicks off the concert. 

This song is 'Enjoy the Silence' one of my favourites actually.

I don't know but Dave Gahan has this sleazy pimp, drug addict, gigolo dancer, your tattooed neighbour bystander look. He also has this tendency to shout (aaayyee!) in between singing and dancing, hehe.

Another favourite song, 'Walking in My Shoes'.

The band was formed in England, in the county of Essex. 3 of the 4 original members are still in the band: Dave Gahan on vocals, Martin Gore on keyboards and Andy Fletcher on guitars. All of them seem to have suffered from something, Gahan on drugs, Gore on alcoholism and Fletcher on depression.

Ah, what can I say, another favourite. The song is called 'Behind the Wheel'.

This is my favourite picture. Surprisingly my Sony pocket camera was being nice to me that night, although not to all the pictures.

Put your hands up in the air!

This is a very popular song, 'I Just Can't Get Enough'.

Here at the Bijlmer Arena Train Station waiting for our train back to Utrecht Centraal.

I recorded all those songs with my pocket camera.

Visit Period: December 2013
Destination: Amsterdam South East (Amsterdam - North Holland), The Netherlands

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A tribute to Scotland because she says NO: Scottish Bagpiper

Scotland has decided to stay in the union with England and I think it is a good idea. The United Kingdom stays intact.

To celebrate this continuous marriage, I would like to post this picture of a Scottish bagpiper at the entrance of the Edinburgh Castle. I took this picture 7 years ago when I was visiting Edinburgh.

BBCWorld News: Scottish referendum - Scotland votes NO to independence

Trivia: They say that these Scottish bagpipers do not wear any underwear. It probably won't hurt to check it out next time I meet one =)

And this is by the way the flag of Scotland:

Travel Period: June 2007
Destination: Edinburgh (Scotland), United Kingdom

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seafood Salad Lunch at BIS in Utrecht

Just a quick lunch in Utrecht Centrum. I found this restaurant a while back but never really had the time to eat here. It is located on a shopping street (the entrance) and along the Oudegracht (it has the view to the canal). I like its modern interior.

I would not mind having this for lunch again =)

I ordered their seafood salad which is a mix of smoked salmon, grilled prawns and steamed mussels. This was a very, very, very nice lunch. Light yet filling enough.

Here is the website: Restaurant BIS

The nice thing about the restaurant is they serve tapas. I think this was what attracted me to the restaurant in the first place. I love tapas. But for this lunch I decided for a seafood salad. I will come back for the tapas another time.

I sat beside the window and have the view to the Oudegracht canal.

The interior is modern, traditional modern I guess.

It is located on the Lijnmarkt street which is around the corner from the Vismarkt and near to the Dom Church.

From the Oudegracht canal, the restaurant is the beige building in the middle.

Utrecht is pretty and cosy.

Utrecht, the Oudegracht canal and the Dom tower.

Visit Period: December 2013
Destination: Utrecht (Utrecht Centrum), The Netherlands

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amsterdam: Centraal Station, Shopping, the Dam, Amsterdam Museum, Cheese, Cafe de Jaren, Canals, Rembrandt

These pictures were taken almost a year ago, in October 2013 when an ex-colleague from Manila (Miss Luster) who now lives in Dubai visited me. We went to Amsterdam twice and these pictures were taken on the first day that we went to the city.

Here is our photo essay of Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Centraal Station by Architect Pierre Cuypers. He is the same architect who designed the Rijksmuseum.

Goodness, if this dog is standing lengthwise, it is bigger than me!

Ming Dynastry exhibit inside the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) on the Dam Square.

One of the beautiful shopping malls in the Netherlands, the Magna Plaza.

The Magna Plaza Shopping Center used to be Amsterdam's Post & Telegram Office (Post en Telegraafkantoor).

You got it right, these are shoes. Limited edition and are not cheap. Since this was last year, they are unfortunately out of season now.

Amsterdam has many leaning buildings.

The Amsterdam Museum (near main shopping street Kalverstraat). Website: Amsterdam Museum

This is the Netherlands. Cheese country and the Gouda cheese is the most popular which is being eaten for breakfast and lunch.

Amsterdam has many canals. The picture above is on the Rokin Canal.

Amsterdam Dutch houses as touristy souvenirs.

This is Cafe de Jaren. Website here: Cafe de Jaren

The cafe has a nice terrace facing the canals but it also has a lovely and arty interior. As it is not really warm outside we decided to sit indoors.

Cafe de Jaren is located on Nieuwe Doelenstraat on the Amstel Canal.

The colourful light decorations are not really for Christmas, they are winter light decorations. During the height of winter the sun comes out just before 09:00 and goes down at 16:00+.

Lots of artistic creations in the Spiegelkwartier in Amsterdam. Who wants a golden horse in their living room? Not me though.

At the Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) and above is the statue pictorial of Rembrandt's famous piece, The Night Watch (De Nachtwacht).

Entertainment rides on the Damplein (Dam Square).

Visit Period: October 2013
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), The Netherlands

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