Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shellfish Seafood Dinner at the Stork Restaurant in Amsterdam North

I have been wanting to eat here at Stork Restaurant in Amsterdam North for months, perhaps a year or two already but never really had gotten around to reserving a table. Sadly, the Dutchman does not eat seafood so I only go out to these places with my girl friends, who helaas, also have busy schedules like me.

The highlight of the dinner. YUM.

I love to eat out every now and then. Not all the time though, just every now and then. The more I get old, the more I prefer to just hang at home and cook our dinners. Travelling however is a different case as we often eat out every day, and in fact, twice in a day, for lunch and dinner.

Nevertheless, Blondine and I both love going out for lunch and dinner, and last summer in July, we decided it is time to go to the Stork Restaurant. This restaurant is all about fish. A classic and foolproof place for the seafood lover such as me.

As for its location, it is situated on the water, with views to the Amsterdam Centraal Station. Because of its not-so-easy to reach it and find it area, I suggest to come here by bike or by car.

It was a lovely weather evening when we arrived but we know very well how the temperatures can drop 5 degrees and lower after 19:00, plus the wind as well, so we elected to sit inside. The wait staff gave us a window seating which was nice.

Blondine raved about the seafood medley she ordered the last time she was here, which she declared, would be the same thing she is taking for tonight’s dinner. It got me intrigued, so I went for the same thing: Clams and shellfish served warm with vegetables, and bread and aioli (garlic) butter. In Dutch: Schaal- en schelpdieren – warm geserveerde grove groente met brood en aioli.

For our starters we chose fresh oysters to go with our Spanish cava bubbles.

The outdoor terrace on the River Het IJ. You can see the Amsterdam Centraal Station across the water.

We ordered some cava to start.

And fresh oysters as well to tease our tastebuds.

The restaurant was once a warehouse and is located in an industrial terrain in the north of Amsterdam across the River Het IJ. This part of Amsterdam has in the recent years been transformed and many restaurants have been popping up ever since.

Our mains arrived! A delicious mix of shellfish seafood paired with bread and aioli butter.

This was just heaven for Blondine and moi. Seafood and vegetables, what more can I ask for? This is highly recommended if you dine here.

For dessert we shared a creme brulee with ice cream. I had a cup of espresso and Blondine had cappucino.

Here at the bar area, paying. We could not wait for the staff to come over to our table so we just went to the cashier. Impatient women we are, I know.

The restaurant is a bit alternative. You can have dinner the traditional way on a table, sit at the bar, at the outdoor terrace or at this living room style area of the restaurant.

They also managed to keep the interior raw and industrial. Look at the walls and ceiling. I like it.

We were quite happy with this dinner. 4.3 stars out of 5 in my book.

Visit Period: July 2014
Destination: Amsterdam North (Amsterdam - North Holland), The Netherlands

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Last Summer in Jordaan, Amsterdam

Jordaan is a neighbourbood in Amsterdam Centrum in the western part of the core city centre. I work nearby so there are some days when I would venture out on foot because of a dinner or drink at one of the many bars. When I am in the mood, I take pictures. Like last July I decided to walk to my dinner appointment and took these shots.

Come with me =)

There are lots of canals in Jordaan.

Amsterdam city living. Do not be fooled though, many people, especially students and foreigners live in tight rooms.

During summer when its good weather (yes, summer here can sometimes suck), guests prefer to eat outside.

The Westerkerk tower and typical Dutch architecture: brick work.

The streets and canals become the outside living room.

Party boats abound during summer as well.


At the bike traffic light. Police sometimes conduct bike checks. You get fined if you ride through red or do not have lights on when its dark.

Hanging out on the canals. Trivia: Did you know that drinking beer in public is now banned in Amsterdam centrum?


The canals in Amsterdam have its own charm. The canals can get very busy during summer.

 This cafe terrace is on the brick bridge.

At the back of Magna Plaza (used to be the post office of Amsterdam) and the Dam Palace.

Visit Period: July 2014
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), The Netherlands

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