Friday, August 27, 2004

Booze, anyone?


The weekend spirit is brewing up in every inch of my nerves.... and everyone here at work is sporting the “I can´t wait its 5PM bored look”, having the “I am busy kuno” facade, ticking and clicking away with their mouses, or simply staring at the flat monitor screen into oblivion.

Sadly, August is one of the worst summer months for business in Europe. It is vacation season baby. Believe it or not, some companies DO shut down their businesses while they holiday and frolic away in God knows where land. This I will talk more on another post.

So later at 5PM, I will go upstairs to the pub, its the Friday afternoon office booze ritual.

Quite amazing but we actually have a bar in the office. Cool eh? This is… as my other colleagues would say, the best consolation there is in working for this company. We get free booze!

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