Sunday, August 15, 2004

Internet Junkie

What has become of the world? What has become of me? I have turned into a bonafide internet junkie!

Well, there is reason in fact to celebrate, if not because of this crazed technology, Dutchman and I wouldn't have crossed our paths. He would forever stay in the flatlands, maybe end up with a kaaskop [cheesehead] girl or remain as a kaaskop bachelor. While I, perhaps will be in someone else's arms in the Philippines or god knows where land.

Blech... thinking about that scenario gives me an icky feeling. I guess this is what real love can do, exorcize us.

Let's see... I have several forums that I frequent a lot, a travel forum, a Fil-West forum, Bisaya forum, government forum, European expatriate forum, Philippine forum, international forum.... um, what else? Oh yeah I forgot, I also indulge myself with the Friendster networking, YM, and ICQ. I still have the archaic mIRC but I rarely go there. And the new addition, Blogger, hehe.

I have not yet degenerated myself into a full-blown internet neurotic. I still shop with feeling the goods in my hands. But I love booking my tickets online and sitting at home managing my funds in front of the PC. I am lazy thats why, in this sense.

It is getting late, I think sandman just called me to bed....

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