Friday, August 20, 2004

Microsoft, The Ogre

I am seething in anger towards the ogre Microsoft. My HP laptop is barely 2 weeks old and is already suffering from dementia, memory dump. The processor can´t stop groaning forever, all because of the pathetic Microsoft IE eating up the system. Or, maybe it has the bug crunch?

I really don´t know what to do. I stayed up last night till 1:30AM fixing it, well Dutchman did it for me anyway. Dutchman was pissed as he can´t even view the errors. We have done the reset countless times, still it remains the same, unyielding to the owner. When he deleted the IE in the taskbar, the system quickly went back to normal. But what is a person without the soul? The hardware is nothing if there is no software.

Given the chance, I would kick Bill Gates´ass for monopolizing the desktop software consumer market.
I hope tonight the laptop will do some miracles... if not, I am resigned to re-install this despicable Microsoft XP Pro. So much lost of time :-(

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  1. Grace, You made it! Got your YM messages too :-). The miracle happened, laptop is working fine now. Am going to tune this thing up this weekend. Thanks for the tip!


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