Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mondays, brings good news?

MONDAYS they say is the least exciting day of the week, BUT perhaps the angels above were napping because hallelujah today is absolutely an exceptional Monday! DRUMROLLS... my superior, the Sales Director gave me the go signal (approved by upper management) for our Philippines business trip!

So in the next couple of days, in fact the whole week, I will be religiously devoting my time in refining our business trip agenda. I desperately need to concretize my ROI justifications - yup per client with at least a 6 month to 1 year forecasted plan on total sales and profit.

I am pretty sure, like in most corporate reality drama events, these corporate wolves will run after you, and in this case it will be me that they will be after. They have invested something on me and even if its just a trip, they will still for sure get behind my back, just like a crazed wolf stealthily watching the sheep.

The wolves want results, results, results. This sheep nods and say: "No problem, I give it to you baby!", but the main ticker here is... how polished are the support tools so this poor little sheep can produce foxy-enough results for these werewolves?

A rhetorical question in fact.

Man, I am already thinking about the consequences... how realistic have I become? Pessimistic perhaps?

A not-so friendly reminder was chasing me in my mind, "A wolf can easily devour a sheep for lunch."

Hmm, I wonder whats for lunch today.

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