Monday, August 23, 2004

Remembering the Paris Past

Fotos in the past, Paris 2001

I have been busy copying some of my scanned pics into the new laptop. The laptop is doing great, so far.

Anyways, I got so hyped up seeing our Paris trip 3 years ago, this was Dutchman's gift to me for visiting him in NL. I knew beforehand that we will be going there for a week and have already written off the expense in my finance sheet but when I asked him how much my share was for the trip, he grinned and said, "Its my gift to you baby!". Oh darn, I was overwhelmed as I didn't expect it, haha.

Since I didn't get any flowers during my stay, I guess the paying for the Paris trip was kind of romantic. You know Dutchmen, they always fall behind the romance department.

Crimee Metro Station

A candid shot, didn't expect the Dutchman will flash away. I love the bright yellow color of the underground metro. Warm and sexy.

Eiffel Tower in the Evening!

Check the lighted Eiffel Tower on top of my head. These lights blink for several minutes every single hour. Very beautiful especially from afar as it looks like a gigantic Christmas tree at night. The best place to view the tower would be on the topmost floor of the Montparnasse building.

At the Train Cabin restaurant.

We had dinner in this train cabin restaurant. It was actually charming but heck, too small, even for little me!

Sacre Coeur

A flight of steps going down to the street from the Sacre Coeur church with the Paris view in the background.

So can you imagine going up and down in these stairs with my high-heel boots? March weather wasn't that great too, hence my umbrella!

Montmartre Square with the Painters.

I tell you, the painters in this square should be sent to court for harassment! They behaved like glorified beggars begging to paint or make a sketch of you for a fee. I had to hide behind the Dutchman's butt as he shoves them one after the other, hehe.

But, I couldn't let the opportunity pass away without getting a souvenir pose in this square with the beautiful paintings of Paris scenery as my backdrop.


  1. Anonymous12:18 am

    sorry, i am still in the process of uploading the pics! hang on jason and hey welcome!


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