Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Schoonouders (In laws)

It's past 11 uur (11 o'clock) and the schoonouders (in laws) just left. They had coffee with us, but their main reason for the visit was the internet.

The in laws are in their 70's thus its like solving a 1000 piece puzzle if you put them in front of the computer. They will be clueless, hehe. So of course, the Dutchman was there to rescue the parents in distress. They are off to Italy next week and it was their intention to check on the internet for some charming spots along the way.

Also, when they bought the new model of the VW Golf (replaced their old one), they were given a free vacation certificate, well accommodation only, to a select number of Mediterranean countries. To reserve a choice vacation, one must do it online... hence was the Dutchman very handy.

They have actually enrolled in a computer class (for oldies) but they are not yet on the stage of internet emancipation.

And zoals gewoonlijk (as usual), they brought something for us. Yeah, I have very generous in laws. What to do? It's their habit, it's their nature, something like an inbred thingy. This time, they brought a bunch of beautiful white Chrysanthemum flowers freshly plucked from their garden, and peaches, but fresh from the supermarket, haha.

The flowers are now proudly sitting in the dining table. They look lovely.

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