Monday, August 30, 2004

Weathering the Weather

"Zomer is voorbij" (Summer is over), is all what I hear today followed by the usual grunting and puckering of the eyebrows by everyone in the office. Its around 15C to 17C outside now, very early for autumn weather.

The punchline of this entry.

And this morning, upon alighting from the NS train, I was greeted with a heavy downpour + strong gushes of wind that almost blew me away and my umbrella down to the ground. I scrambled to my feet, recovering my lost balance while trying to painstakingly find the winds direction. I have to maneuver the correct way of positioning my umbrella, yes against this freaking wind. I happen to have these small portable ones, which by the way can be easily tuck in the bag, but when used, and with just a little slap from the wind, this umbrella can end up - a debris candidate.

Anyway, I regretted not wearing my boots, my stockings were all wet, clinging like some sort of damp tissue on my skin. I really hate this. On 2nd thought, there is dryer in the office.

The walk is about 3 minutes to the office. Not that far but the rain suddenly stopped when I arrived at the office doorstep. Damn rain, only poured down on my little train station to the office journey. Weather, weather, are you teasing me?

Later in the afternoon, up in the bar, I struck up a conversation with one of my colleagues. This guy, let’s just say, is strange or rather a better word would be, interesting. You see, he is always munching on his mobile. I swear, if its edible, the phone would have been long gone, eaten, processed and flushed into the toilet. Well today, he is in one of his rare mood moments, he is actually entertaining mundane discussions with other people such as me. Topic? The over-rated and trivial Dutch weather.

“There is just so much BS talk about the weather in the Netherlands” he said.

I nodded and said, “I am actually amazed that weather can be a very lengthy subject of discussion here.

He laughed while squinting his eyes and added. “True and isn’t it that weather talk in other countries is only used for introductions, like ‘How is the weather on your end’ type of thing?

Yes true and ever notice too that it is normally a discussion reserved when you have nothing more to say?” I quipped.

He laughed again but this time very short.

I guess that was it. There was nothing more to say and to add. The weather killed the discussion. LOL.

And oh, he was wearing yellow orange pants today. I thought that would be the best punchline of this post.

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