Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Beverly Hills of NL

My colleague, who incidentally looks like Frans Bauer (a famous mass type singer here in NL) threw a little drinking party after work at his new flat in Bloemendaal. The activity was in fact quite refreshing after that rough twisted day. So I called the Dutchman and told him that he better feed himself, alone hehe.

Bloemendaal is one of the chic places where the moneyed in the Netherlands live. But unfortunately the houses in this area pales in major comparison with the abodes of the rich and famous in other countries.

The distinct Dutch characteristic must as usual triumph. The cheese-heads don’t like showing off too much of their wealth nor they like to talk about it (they say it has something to do with their Calvinistic background). They are a rebel lot when it comes to snobs, but take that as a grain of salt because there are always exceptions breathing and walking around.

A quick glimpse on how these so-called affluent ones live...

Mansion manor worth € 1.25M (US$ 1.5M)

Villa worth € 1.9M (US$ 2.3M)

Mansion manor worth € 1.39M (US$ 1.7M)

I think these dwellings are not that ostentatious compared even to the MTV Crib show where you literally see man-made lakes and lagoons in the backyard.

Well it was quite fun driving around in circles in Bloemendaal because we got lost, LOL! I felt like we were in a never-ending maze, the dang TomTom navigation software was not precise or was it our fault? But I didn’t mind anyway, I just leered away at the dwellings.

I only had 3 glasses of Jack Daniels whiskey, and when I got home Dutchman was in his desired usual spot.

Oh wait gotta tell this, one of my colleagues smoked POT (weed)!!!


  1. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Gawd I love the first mansion. And only $1.5M? Thats cheap by American standards.

  2. Is this lewlew?

    Americans are better spenders than the Dutch. What is "waste" and "luxury" to Americans is unheard here in Holland haha. They are frugal here! So the big nice houses are not that expensive compared to let´s say the houses in Beverly Hills (worth perhaps $ 10-20M? or more?) because they do not exist here in NL. No one here in his/her right mind would spend on a house like that even if they have the money. They will think you´re nuts or a show-off which the soceity happens to abhor. Plus I think in the US, the prices covers the land too, here most houses do not have huge front/backyards because land is very expensive (check the map of NL and you can only see a big sized dot in Europe).

    American lifestyle and attitude towards finances and spending are sooo different in comparison to the Dutch. I would say in general terms, extreme. There are always exceptions though.


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