Sunday, September 12, 2004

Home Essentials

I am well alright and back to my shopping mode *Grin*. Bizarre but V&D is open today! Why on earth are they suddenly open on Sundays? Could it be finally, Dutch capitalism? Becoming Americanized perhaps? Haha. Well they actually have this Circus something sale going on, maybe that was the case.

I bought new silk cushions for our black leather sofa. They come in soft earth colors: Cream, Toffee, Light Rust, Light Lime Green. Actually, they match perfectly with my cream wool carpet and walls, and the exotic and period inspired fixtures giving major enchantment to the already eclectic-cosmopolitan living room. Dutchman was very well pleased. He should as it was my own money.

But there is one dinner ware item (well actually a set) that I really would love to buy to satiate my home-dining carnality, its this Metropolitan Villeroy-Boch porcelain set. They also have this new Japanese inspired porcelain in black, which really made me want to take out my wallet and buy.
I'm glad it was almost 6pm or my purse might have committed another suicide. Kidding.

Villeroy-Boch Metropolitan New Wave Edition (Aren't they sexy to you? There were no photos of the Japanese inspired ones that I liked, sorry)

This will be one of my next special projects once the dressoir (kind of a buffet table) and silver mirror are delivered, hopefully they will be this month. Hartog Wonen, the culprit is taking them MONTHS to build the dang furniture. We ordered it last June, goodness gracious, it’s been 3 months already?

Anywho, I’m going to get my hands on this Villeroy-Boch set. I think it’s any sane woman’s dream for her home

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