Sunday, September 05, 2004

Internet Banking for Expats

... in ENGLISH !

I received last Friday a letter (actually a big sized envelope) from ABN Amro, but which I only opened just a few hours ago. I don't skip and get excited when they send me statements or any of those usual marketing garbage, so I rarely open anything from them quickly.

The first thing that caught my eye was the brochure inside. It says, Internet Banking for Expats. Ooohhwie, this is cool!

I heard in the past that they had an English Software version of the Internet Banking but it came in a CD pack, which was manually installed in your computer.
Later on, ABN stopped this program and asked everyone to settle with the online Dutch version of Internet Banking.

Well, I am glad that ABN has retracked the English version of Internet Banking. Though, a bit too late for me, I am quite comfortable with the Dutch version already. Thanks anyway!

Dutchman interrupted my reverie with a hearty laugh and said: "Haha, they thought you're an Expat". He went on his merry way laughing sarcastically...

I smirked at him like a little tiger would do when annoyed and announced: "Damn right! Technically I am an expat, but according to you, I am not."

Dutchman replied grinning profusely: "Well yeah that's correct, you're an expat because you are living and working outside your country of origin but since you came here in NL via me then you are not recognized by the government/tax department as the usual expat (with a working permit)".

What an irate. *Grumbles*

My response: "Hmmm, if you were listening correctly, that's exactly the same thing I said. You just explained it!"

That reminds me that the real Expats here pay lower taxes. They have this 30% Tax Ruling.... and sadly, I, don't, as I am an immigrant.

Dutchman changing the subject, "Well, ABN Amro definitely knew that you're a foreigner!"

"What should I do? Be paranoid?" LOL.

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