Monday, September 06, 2004

Kitchen Keeping

Its past 9PM, Dutchman and I are now lazily reclining in the sofa, well he is in the opposite fauteuil (this is actually his spot at home where you can find him at least 80% of the time) and me in the big sofa while we both enjoy our customary after dinner routine: coffee + TV + fiddling our laptops + internet + chatting with each other. Its some kind of unadulterated multi-tasking hehe.

As a matter of fact, I’m just done with the everyday after work home grind – kitchen keeping, a new term I invented, as a subpart of housekeeping.
Reality is, I am wishing I am back in Manila. I am having nightmares with this housekeeping chores. I have never been good with this, argh!

Back home, I have a call-in help that comes in every weekend. She does almost everything, from the cleaning to laundry and ironing. I fix her lunch though. See, I also have a conscience.

But here in NL, I am the desolate help, I am the MAID! Well at least not an all-around one. I have to give credit to the Dutchman also, he is after all my other half-MAID.

So what does he do? He does the laundry and drying, cleans the toilet and the bathroom and of course, is in charge of our home maintenance. Other than that, he also does vacuuming, other times I do it, when I am not in the bitchy mood. Oh, what else? Ah, I almost forgot, he irons his own clothes too.

Man, after re-reading his list of responsibilities, I just realized that I have a good deal for a Dutchman. I am really a great negotiator.

But on second thoughts, think of it this way... he does most of those chores during the weekend, and during weeknights, he sits delightfully at home, in his favorite fauteuil waiting for me to serve dinner. Then after having his fill, he is back in his desired spot... this time waiting for me to finish up as he sucks up to watching TV and playing with his laptop and surfing the net. This is every single night during the week!

Unlike me, the poor me - I have to do every single night of housework! As you might already notice, I am the cook at home and the kitchen is my kingdom. That's everyday work, damn.

OK, let's see, what is my daily breathing space... well Dutchman sometimes helps me load and unload the dishes in the dishwasher and he makes the coffee after dinner, which I really appreciate a lot.
He is reading this by the way. *Grin*

But here’s the catch22, as he claims it is, that I love cooking anyway. So in this sense of the discussion, Dutchman says, that in reality, he is giving me a favor by entrusting to me the kitchen.


  1. Hi, surfed in thru the google toobar thingy.. nice site.

  2. You should be glad you only have the Dutchman to serve. I have two little rugrats and one not-so-lazy bum to please. Found you at Pinoy blog. :-)

  3. Java Boo Boo,

    Welcome! Wow thru google toolbar? What keyword did you use for searching?


    Welcome too! 2 little rugrats, that I can't manage! Hehe. You in Canada? Saw it in your website.


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