Sunday, September 19, 2004

My Weekend Life

It’s Sunday morning right now. I still don’t know what our plans will be for the day, though tonight I will be on the laptop working. I need to send a really pensive email to my customer and they need to read this first thing in the morning. I guess I have succumb to being numb in this business. As they say, if you are in sales, you must be makapal (thick-faced)!

So, let’s talk about what went yesterday….

I again, good heavens, shopped. I think I have become a true-blue shop-aholic. Forgive me if I sound too boring with this shopping litany, this is still my blog anyway.

The thing is, I badly need to change some of my wardrobe. They look quite outdated already like I am left behind inspired in the early 1990's vogue. It’s time to feed my narcissistic fashion logic. So I bought….

3 Skirts: chocolate brown suede, grey mini flip skirt, and crème leather skirt.

2 Blazers: chocolate brown suede and black blazer.
3 Tops: light caramel turtleneck, grey cardigan and chocolate brown vest.

Beauty & bath stuff and new hair color! (I am going to dye my hair later!)
Make up replenishment, Max Factor

I also bought colognes and perfumes for my family as my pasalubong (arrival gift). I'm flying to the Philippines this Saturday!

I’m still eyeing other gears to buy but I’m auspiciously a mix between spender + frugal = spending money wisely (I hope? Haha). Alright, no one believes me anymore, but here is the secret... I always have budgets for my vanity expenditures and at least I know when to slam the brakes.

When I got home from my shopping spree, Dutchman was as usual in his desired spot. I think he has his butt glued already into this black leather fauteuil. To remove him will be a big catastrophy.

He eyed my shopping bag, “I see that you enjoyed your day
Yeah, pretty much!” , raising up the bags.

Show me…” Dutchman said, still busy fiddling with his laptop.

What I loved with Dutchman is, he gives, well as much as necessary, the time to appreciate the things I buy. And he always seals it with this statement, “You have taste”. Hmm, perhaps I should shop more! LOL.

Should we go out tonight?” Dutchman asked after I showed him all that I bought.
Sure, let’s have coffee in the Centrum, then after let’s watch a movie” I said.

As quick as a fox, Dutchman jabbed his fingers into the keyboard of his laptop. You can easily reserve movie tickets online via this website, Belbios. The reservation confirmation # is sent to your mobile phone, pretty cool huh. Dutchman chose the Terminal movie by Tom Hanks and Catherine-Zeta-Jones.

We then proceeded to our usual hang-out café, the Le Journal Café in Neude square.

I like sipping coffee in this café simply because they have all sorts of newspapers and magazines from pure red-blooded gossips to home design to fashion & style. I attacked the Weekend and Prive gossip magazines.

These subscriptions tittle 'n tattle the most watched Royals of Europe, and here's the hot dish in town, Princess Maxima (of Holland, soon to be Queen) is lazier than Princess Mathilde (of Belgium, also soon to be Queen). The latter executed more royal duties and less vacation this year. And another story, the Dutch prince, Prince Willem-Alexander (soon to be King) is suing 2 German magazines for fabricating a story that his marriage to Princess Maxima is in threads due to his flirtatious expose with Inge de Bruin, the Dutch Olympic Gold winner for the swimming competition in Greece.

Oh my god, can you believe this? I am really reading these nonsense royal gossips, maybe I am finally ingeburgerd (integrated)? Dutchman thinks I am reading too much garbage. He must be right.

Alright, watch check: It’s movie time.

The City Theater where we went was quite small but cozy. And my Terminal movie review? Well, let's just say that I didn’t expect Steven Spielberg to direct (or produce?) such a sloppy film. It was dragging and I got impatient watching it. An OK film but nothing spectacular. I was in fact relieved that the Dutch invented pauze (pause) in the cinema because the dang movie went on for 3 hours!

You might be wondering what pauze means...

My experience with this was quite interesting. I was watching this film with Dutchman years back during my first visit in NL. I forgot the name of the movie, I think it was Meet the Parents, not sure. Anyway, during the middle part of the film, which is usually the climactic part when the flow of the movie's story is riveted with suspense and well, in some cases, depends on the type of movie, its those part when the audience are almost about to pee in their pants (and if it’s a thriller show, it would be hiding and watching through the fingers like how I would do anyway)…. then suddenly I heard a series of sounds: CLICK! BLINK! The film stopped. The movie house is now totally enveloped in darkness AND then, there was light, followed by hustles by everyone. No one ran though but everyone started getting up.

What’s going on???” (In my mind: Fire? Emergency?! A bomb!??!)
Dutchman as if nothing happened, stood up, “What do you want?” (He meant what I want to drink and eat! LOL)
Me still perplexed, “What the hell is going on!?"
There’s a pause” says the Dutchman.
What pause?” Then I saw people coming back inside with huge popcorns and chips.

Man, what a scam. They have some sort of INTERMISSION so they can earn more money. Goodness gracious, the directors and producers should see this. And all the while I was thinking there was fire!? LOL

It was past 1AM when we left the City Theater. We went around looking for a club or bar to sit down. Utrecht, as I have said in my previous entry is a Student City, so naturally the clubs and bars are full of kids. All over, teenagers in hordes polluting the Centrum with their bikes, and girls dressed like its still summer!? WTF.

Dutchman and I hopped from one place to another looking for the right bar to sit, at least somewhere where our age won’t be magnified lest we be extradited.

We decided to settle for the Orloff bar, quite nice and most people are within our generation, fortunately. Hip loud music... and my trance was interrupted by this woman dancing scantily like there is no tomorrow, trapped in warp land. I personally think she just wants to get laid, and Dutchman agrees too.

Oh well, she was well worth the entertainment at 2 in the morning.

The next day...


Hmm, Dutchman is awake, that's him calling me! I gotta go... maybe later we go to IKEA and check some gadgets for the coat hanger. It has been a year and Dutchman still hasn’t finished the dang coat hanger in the foyer!

This is what you get when you settle for a techie and not a handy man. As the saying goes: “You can’t get everything in life”.


  1. Nice shopping!!!!
    We were in the city too yesterday. I need some new winter jas. Been eyeing the one on Claudia... but the price keep stopping me... ah well maybe next month.
    Where did you shopped yesterday?

  2. Anonymous7:01 pm

    I like reading about those royals too, they are a fascinating bunch.

    I envy you! I miss the Philippines. I'm planning to go with Colby this year but I don't know if we will push through. I hope so!


  3. *sighs* i love shopping, too.

    i like how your dutchman reacts! hehe

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Ira, I was shopping everywhere in the Centrum! Did you see that brown leather jas in Claudia Strater bij Hoog Catharijne (die in het midden staan)? Is that what you want? Coz that´s what I like too, volgens mij kost die ongeveer € 465+? Te veel voor een jas? Haha!

    Ben jij weer alleen toch?

    Carrisse, Yeah the royals are an interesting bunch. The newly married Spanish Royal couple look nice, Leticia is pretty.... and I think one of the Danish prince is divorcing his Hongkong bred wife. I think she looked mixed, Eurasian. Prince Charles is now going out in public with Camilla (the hag). I wonder when he is going to be king coz the Queen is already quite old. See I know a lot hahaha!

    Hope your trip with Colby will push through! Am also going back to Pinas this December for 3 weeks together with Ton. We go to 3 different places: Manila, Cebu and Bohol.

    AnP, I heard from the disgruntled expats in Expatica that Germany (or the Kraut women) have better fashion sense than the Dutch! It must be better to shop there!

  6. Anonymous10:04 pm

    hehehe. a reluctant royalty fan here. i have a confession to make. i might curse my mother-in-law's fashion mags (she hands them down to me for german-learning purposes) but i find myself hooked on Gala just to pass the time every weekend. i didn't miss the maxima-willem alexander's wedding bash in 2002. did you notice that someone threw an egg at their golden coach?

  7. Anonymous10:05 pm

    ooh, that was me and my comment--elen

  8. missT: wrong!!! most germans don't really have much fashion sense!!! wag ka maniwala!!!

    I've shopped better in the NL than Germany! Of course, nothing beats France, Italy and Spain. hehe

  9. elen - the dutchman has spoken. he said its flour raw hehe and the man was sent to the dutch court. i have no idea what penalty they gave him, maybe cleaning the golden coach for 3 months?

    about fashion, the chika right now is that maxima is the best dressed royalty *kuno* following the footsteps of diana. i think shes indeed more daring in her style than the others who play safe with color and design.

    anp - oh dear, these expats in expatica are i guess liars! all they do is bitch and slap the dutch haha. though they say that the dutch are a milder version to the germans in the "coldness" department.

    i also work with a couple of germans and really they have NO sense of humor but they are realiable. integrity is it.


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