Saturday, September 25, 2004

Packing & Last Minutes

Time goes so fast and tonight at 19:45 (7:45pm) I am flying!

I have NOT finished the dreaded packing because being a busy lady like me haha *smirks* I should have done it last week! Though ironic isn’t it, I almost update my blog everyday, but well, not this week. I am blogging late, hehe.

I remember someone asking me how I manage to juggle everything. The answer is easy: "I make time for things I like!"

Well let's see what I did...

Monday evening was school, it is impossible to pack when you get home at past 22:30 (10:30pm+), hungry, tired and brain dead. You know with clothes packing, you need your brains in motion to be able to pick the right mix ´n match of every outfit!

Would have wanted to pack on Tuesday, but the company had a nice dinner together that left me drinking a couple glasses of wine. So by the time I arrive home, I can’t function that much.

Wednesday… what did I do Wednesday? Oh my god I forgot!

Then Thursday evening I had again the Dutch class and had to inform my teacher that I will be absent for 3 sessions. The first thing she said was: “Je mag maar vifj sessie niet aanwezig zijn” (You can only be absent five times).

Then last night Friday, Dutchman and I had to attend my brother in laws verjaardagsfeest (birthday party). He turned 43. I will delve more into this Dutch Birthday phenomenon in the next weeks and months since late autumn till winter is the Birthday season of my Dutchman´s family.

So PACKING... I actually kind of love and hate this task simply because of the following reasons:

A. I love choosing which clothes to wear and partner with but I hate packing them in my suitcase.

B. Oftentimes I over pack. I always overestimate. I tend to want to bring everything with me which is impossible, such as those matching shoes and bags for every outfit. Actually this is a vain woman´s problem.

C. Packing always has something to do with leaving. On 2nd thought, I think Dutchman will enjoy having the bed all by himself so he can stretch those long Dutch legs without any obstacle.

D. I love traveling but I hate airplanes though I like airports. I mean I like visiting the shops in the airport.

E. I always forget to pack my toothbrush in. It happened 2x this year. Why? It´s one of the last activities I do before leaving the house: Brushing the teeth. And upon reflex, I just put back my toothbrush in the bathroom counter.

Today Saturday is our grocery shopping day… so before I go to the airport (should be there at 5pm because I have to hoard some last minute stuff, see next paragraph), I will buy some of the popular Dutch goodies, such as the Groninger Worst (Dutch dry sausage) and bring it for my family, so they can taste a little bit of Dutch food. I´m glad I shopped a considerable amount of Spices and Olive Oil in Greece during our summer holiday, so that serves as additional presents.

I also need to buy Dutch souvenirs for my favorite customers or let´s say it professionally, business partners, hehe. I guess I can buy them at Schiphol airport but I have no idea which of the many legendary Dutch souvenir should I buy.

Hmm, a Dutch tulip? Dutch wooden shoes? Dutch windmill? What about Dutch cheese? Or those polka dotted Dutch cow? Help?


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