Thursday, September 09, 2004

Turtlenecks and Tights

Its Thursday so it’s Koop Avond meaning extended sales, extended opening hours. I am also in the mood to pick up where I left off, from my shopping spree that was cut last Sunday.

I have been meaning to shop last weekend at Bijenkorf but time didn’t permit me at all. Dutchman and I woke up late, as usual. We have turn into night owls prowling the kingdom of cyberspace till the wee hours of dawn. Unquestionably. No weekend breakfasts for us, instead weekend brunches. Nicer though.

Alright, let's do some explanation here...

Bijenkorf is analogous to Rustans in the Philippines, the only difference is that, Bijenkorf doesn't have a grocery department. It’s caters to the high end market BUT not as high end as you may think. PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam must not be forgotten, the street where top signature and designer shops are located.

A reminder though, Holland is not even close to comparison with other European counterparts when it comes to fashion and shopping. You will not see a lot of the top expensive signature shops here compared even to the Philippines. Interesting huh, but do not be shocked, Dutch distinctiveness must prevail. Frugality rocks in this country.

It was past 7pm when I marched off to Bijenkorf. The center of Utrecht was swarming with shoppers, men women and kids alike their hands full with bags from V&D, C&A, M&S, P&C and H&M,all those typical Dutch and European storebrand acronyms, obviously initials of the owners name.

Bijenkorf was brimming with the new seasons’ collection and autumn lingers in the air everywhere, with shades of bright green and orange dominating the window platforms. I kind of like the season’s new designs and in fact I was so tempted to buy orange and green stockings.

Time flew so fast. Alas, it was 5 minutes to 9pm so I switched back to reality and stopped my wanton shopping.

What have I bought? Only 3 fit TURTLENECKS: Orange, Black and Brown… and 3 TIGHTS. Not sufficient! I badly need a whole day to shop, well I take that back, a week instead!

Tip for the NL girls in buying tights/stockings. In Dutch it’s called, can you believe this, PANTY! LOL!

At any rate, if you are in Bijenkorf, buy the Italian brand: Emilio Cavallini Hosiery & Bodywear because they are of quality, they have small sizes, cool designs and the price is OK between € 9,00 to € 15,00. Hema (by the way a sister company of Bijenkorf) also has small sizes, sometimes they have nice looking tights and much cheaper too, about half the price.

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