Sunday, October 10, 2004

Kasteel de Haar (Castle de Haar)

Intermission - I will post later my Business Travelogue Part II because I can’t resist sharing my exquisite castle experience yesterday!

Introducing, one of the beautiful castles in the Netherlands (near where I live yeah right, hehe), Castle de Haar in Haarzuilens.The whole set just looked so theatrical, like it jumped out straight from the fairy tale book. Indeed very stunning and breath-taking!

The castle facing the frontyards.

Right after we did our weekly grocery shopping, I dragged Dutchman to visit this castle yesterday Saturday. And I am so darn glad I lugged him behind. I mean gosh, look at the foto’s... I feel like a little girl in the candy shop!

Prachtig (Beautiful). Simply magical, mystical and enchanting.

Notice that castles always have a slot gracht (moat - closed canal)? They say it's for protection if invaded. The only thing lacking in this foto is the glamorous and fiery creature - the dragon!

The castle also stage parties, mainly for kids. I think it’s a very thrilling adventure for little boys and girls to celebrate their birthdays in a real castle. Harry Potter stories come to life ;-)

An aerial view of the castle grounds during winter. You can’t see the bigger labyrinth in this foto where Dutchman and I played. The castle ground/s is so vast spanning acres of land. Also not shown in this aerial foto is the huge royal lake-pool (like the Taj Mahal, but much almighter) on the right side of the castle with nature gardens on each parallel side.

Foto Credits: Kasteel,, Siebe Swart

Visit Period: October 2004
Destination: Haarzuilens (Vleuten - Utrecht), The Netherlands

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