Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Success Farewell Celebration

My Dutch colleague Isabelle found a brilliant new job which calls for a grand jubilation. So we went out and celebrated the evening (last night) together at the Stadscafe Van der Werff in Leiden. The café restaurant is remarkably charming overlooking the hushed river by the bridge right before entering the Centrum.

She´s one of my selected friends at work and in fact I felt quite honored that she decided to celebrate her success with me. She has accepted the position of Sales Director for a Dutch flower company. Her responsibilities will mainly be establishing and building the flower market in Russia, then later to other East European countries. She speaks Russian and is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Russian Politics.

The new company will also buy her a flat in St. Petersburg, all inclusive with a chauffeur waiting at her doorstep. A lady Expat commuting in Russia is not practically safe especially if you are all by yourself in the big city. She gets to jet set between Holland - St. Petersburg - Moscow – Holland for the next several months. Aside from the freedom of being able to implement her business ideas, be mobile in her work (meaning she can work at home if she´s not traveling in Russia), she is given a fantastic figure for a salary. ---Oh dear, now I envy her, haha!

She´s taking off to New York to visit her American BF in 2 weeks and will make known her resignation the week before she leaves. I will miss her at work.... she´s one of the sane intelligent beings that I can equally get along with.

Her new female colleague (actually her boss, the General Manager) joined us in the small party, together with her husband who´s an Anesthesiologist.

In summary, we had an enjoyable evening altogether. I drank too much red wine and it was 12 midnight by the time I was home.

And now at work... I am thinking of seriously moving on... actually I have been having these thoughts for a loooooooong time now.

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