Thursday, November 25, 2004

At Work, November Verdict

In my previous blog entry, Money Talks, Money Walks, I talked about a real prized win at work. Something that we get to wear and show off (aside from the commissions!) and supposedly take us to great heights of repletion.

Moreover, it is something that will make Puff Daddy, Nelly and oh yeah right, that black woman rapper in jogging pants – Missy Elliot (thanks Jeroen for the tip!), green eyed with envy! Whew, finally I got her name right! Well I’m sure they would trade places with my colleague below just to have this thick glittery necklace with a titanic €uro gold medallion.

My colleague JV is our November top man. He closed a really titanic deal this month. Just looking at this euro necklace castigation, makes me think of an excuse to not perform, or am I sourgraping? Hehe.

Essentially, if you get to be the top Sales Manager of the month, you will be the recipient of this penalty, at least for a whole day.
This must be what they call as the Dutch's attempt at humoring everyone (or encouraging us to score? hmm whicheva!).

Dutch reverse psychology of sarcasm at work.


  1. MissT,

    Wow that is some pretty impressive bling bling! :D

    Oh by the way its Missy Elliot, hehe.

  2. hey mel,

    ooopsie lol! missy elliot pala, now i finally (or u) got it right! (will edit it hehe)

    thanks! *bling bling*


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