Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blog Permutations

I am just in the mood today to deviate from the normal rut, so I decided to add a FOTO blog in this journal, that I will be updating WEEKLY (in the weekends of course).... but wanted it to be somewhat different. So I came up with 2 things:

1. FLASHBACK Foto section (right above Tagboard) - This is where I will post personal pictures that I or Dutchman have shot. It could either be me in the foto, or me and Dutchman (he paid me not to show his face on this blog!), or some scenery - subjects that we fancied during our trips. I will also be posting really old foto's if I can still dig and scan them up!

2. DUTCH Foto Glimpse section (right below Tagboard) - Here I will upload foto's about Dutch life and just about Holland. It could be anything from scenery to normal daily life, people, events or what have you. The idea is that you will catch a glimpse of what Dutch Lifestyle is.

I have also re-arranged the rest of my side bar. I'm thinking of changing my layout but don't know how?!?


  1. try
    I found a very nice one, special for autumn.... still now sure if i'm going to use it though

  2. thanks ira, i will check blogskins and see if there is something that i like there.


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