Saturday, November 13, 2004

House and Fashion Bonding

House Bonding: “I feel good...”

I feel good today, well because I cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned the grimy fat filled stinky oven-microwave. Dutchman has been exercising his tonsils at me by screaming why the heck can I live with the gruesome fat deposited at the bottom of the oven. I normally do grilling (healthier), so that explains the filthy deposit.

Well the answer is pretty easy: “Can we hire a help?”

I am also not handy with dishwashing even with the aid of the divine dish washer of a technology. I know, I should be lectured a hundred times that dishwashing is just loading the dishes and pushing the button.

I also minimized the knick knacks on my kitchen counter. I almost took half of them into the closet. I want space, space, space... ah, it now looks immaculate clean, all white everywhere with silver and black accessories as accents and a wood laminated counter top. I am very pleased.

Tomorrow is another big domestic day for me. Its time to attend to the mountainous load of clean clothes in the other room. They desperately need to be tucked in their homes: in the closet shelves, drawers, or in their hangers.

AND oh, yehey, we now have wireless network installed at home! Bye-bye ADSL and telephone cables!

Fashion Bonding: “From Chic to Cheap.”

Karl Lagerfeld with model for H&M

I don’t think
Karl Lagerfeld needs an introduction. The name alone speaks for itself. But… H&M, also known as Hennes & Mauritz, the Swedish trendy clothes maker who happen to invade the economical side of the fashion world in Europe.

They are very popular here in NL because they are dirt cheap, as cheap as this: Blouses between € 9,90 - € 14,90! Knowing how the Dutch are, H&M should be raking a hell lot of money.

The consolation for me is nothing near to economics but sizes. They have the south EU sizes of 34 (S for Asian/French) and 36 (M for Asian/French), which are I believe almost a needle in the haystack find here in NL. The EU 36 is fitted for a standard North European girl/woman who stands at least 5’6” tall (about 168cm?). Poor me, I stand 5’2” only (about 158cm)! Just imagine what I have to go through? Everything is LONG for me!

But who would guess that Karl Lagerfeld will design for H&M? And at their price tag? Makes me wonder who’s going to be next? Galliano? Cavalli? Hmm, I like Carolina Herrera by the way.

Anywhoo, I am going to check H&M tomorrow afternoon. Thank God the shops are open on Sundays now, just this month until the end of December. I will see if I can manage to sneak at least one of the H&M - Karl Lagerfeld collection.

When they opened yesterday at Amsterdam, the whole Lagerfeld collection was SOLD OUT in less than 15 minutes! Dang, beats the ants eating the left-over cake eh. It was actually on the TV headlines last night. The eager Dutchies were camping by the shop’s door and when it opened, it was wham bam full throttle.

Oh well, wish me luck!


  1. Lagerfeld is such a weirdo.
    So fake...

  2. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Yeah, thank goodness that the shops are now open on Sundays for the Christmas season! I was also looking for the Karl Lagerfeld shirts at H&M in Den Bosch but they didn't have it! I was hoping to get some for "pasalubong"--Sari

  3. I love H&M. Too bad we don't have them in Seattle yet. Last year, my relative gave me this cute two-piece swimsuit for under 30 bucks. Awesome!

  4. I think this is the most crazy PR-stunt ever pulled by a biz as H&M. KL is loosing ground but H&M is winning a whole lot of new chic-flare even in the clothing not KL.


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