Sunday, November 07, 2004

Men and Ironing

Today, the Dutchman was surprisingly in the other room ironing, well I assume his clothes only…. while yours truly was sitting like a princess in his favorite black leather fauteuil glued to the screen of my laptop, busy surfing - blogging – foruming - chatting, yeah all the works. Just the perfect lazy Sunday that I want.

Out of guilt trip (because he did the laundry, the washing and drying yesterday too) and after seeing Dutchman snacking on potato chips… basically because he was hungry from the ironing chore, and I forgot, it was 7PM --- I haven’t cooked anything!

While we were sitting in the kitchen eating our dinner, (we have a breakfast nook there where we normally eat unless we have visitors or are in for a formal dinner then we eat at the dining table), Dutchman went on to tell me the new things he discovered about the art of ironing.

“Baby, do you remember that spout detergent container?” (Spout – Sprayer) Dutchman asked.

Me: “Yeah?”

With excitement brewing in his face, “I used it.”

You see, the water spout of our iron doesn’t work anymore so he became creative and used the detergent plastic container with a spout mouth.

Me: “Okay... and so?”

“It really works great baby, in fact it works better than the water spout of the iron itself!” he exclaimed.

Me: “Okay...” *uh, this is such a trivial thing?*

Dutchman, still getting worked up with his new discovery, “Baby, it was really better than… it was, blah blah blah di blah and the rattling never stopped”.

Goodness heavens, he sounded like one of those domesticated women in Stepford Wives movie! So I just stared at him blankly, wondering if this is the effect of oversleeping until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Stepford Wives Movie – Watched this in Crete, Greece for FREE in one of the bar restaurants.

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  1. Anonymous5:44 pm

    I'm having fun reading your thing here...My ex was an Evil Dutch guy. He does the same thing, they love cleaning and ironing every weekend...hahaha! Ok, I just heard that from him everytime he calls me and everytime I chat with his new gf, also a Filipina. He's a dog, ya know. I hope your man is treating you well. By the way, he had me and at the same time he had 2 other Filipinas or maybe more. I busted him even if I'm miles away from him. Guess my instinct helped me a lot.


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