Monday, November 15, 2004


Oh boy, I am experiencing the after shocks right now of the wired wireless life!

Dutchman finally bought (last Friday) and installed (yesterday Saturday) the wireless network in our flat. He was at this HCC Dagen exhibit, incidentally HCCnet is our ISP, where they sell and showcase all sorts of software and computer gadgets. He bought the brand, US Robotics high-speed WLAN modem to replace our ancient USB Alcatel ADSL modem. So, the glorified techie in him spent yesterday and today configuring the wireless facility and security on the three computers at home: my laptop, his laptop, another extra laptop and our desktop in the study room.

The WLAN modem (Wireless Local Area Network), which is the internet access point is located in our living room right behind the TV. With our laptops, it makes our life easier, or let me rephrase that, convenient.

(1) No more telephone and ADSL cables that can cause you to stumble and break your laptop, worse your back!
(2) No more fighting who gets to use the internet and for how long. Dang I get so pissed off when Dutchman has to hug the line for himself because of some trouble shooting at work! We only have 1 ADSL cable connection.
(3) No more having to disconnect the internet line because someone called on the landline! You see the splitter of our ADSL had some problems.

So now I am really reeling on the after shocks of the pampered wired wireless life. I can do virtual stuff and carry my laptop anywhere in the flat. Talk about mobility and independence from the cable and wire system. Yup, I am wired in the bedroom, in the kitchen and even in the toilet while sending THAT big message, haha.

This afternoon too, I changed my mind and didn’t go to H&M. My Ph.D. in laziness attacked me. Thought I will do it later of the week, I think Karl Lagerfeld can wait – now you see how women can just be oh sooo fickle minded.

Anyway, I propped up my laptop in the kitchen table while I was preparing for our dinner. Oh dear, so savvy, I was internetting and listening to the music of my laptop while chopping the vegetables, thawing the meat, cooking, making salad, loading dishes into the dishwasher, washing up and preparing the dinner table. It just feels luxurious doing that, something like systematic grandiosity.

And now I am in the living room watching TV beside the Dutchman while we both are typing away in front of our precious laptops.

Later, after uploading this blog entry, I will bring the laptop to the bedroom and continue my addiction.


  1. hoi ira, ja helemaal! ik geniet ervan! maar dutchman is nog steeds bezig om de veileigheid op niveau te houden. wanneer komen jullie bij ons op bezoek? lekker koffie of thee drinken? :-)

  2. I'll try to fixed some date with dim... I'll call you this week or next week, if that ok with you guys.


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