Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Be Safe. Be Responsible.

Use me! Use me! Please! Trust me, I won't fail you!!!

So if you get sex-lucky today, DO NOT forget to pick any of the following palatable choices: the Creme -brulee addiction on the left or the Chocolate -mousse delight on the right.

Which one is it you like? Or do you want the cherry and strawberry flavors?

The message of the day: Be safe. Be responsible.

World AIDS Awareness Day


  1. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Sige na nga ako na lang muna ang magko-comment, hiya siguro yung iba dyan.

    Ano yan flavored? I wonder how the intended receipient would smell like???


  2. Anonymous10:27 pm


    oo nagkahiyaan, too shy LOL

    yung condom creme or cholocate yung lasa, pero yung recipient, EWAN hahaha!

  3. Buti na lang ako I don't have to worry about birth control now. Hubby's vasectomized already (something that Pinoy males so avoid for machismo reasons). Kaya enjoy to d max!


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