Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Direct Non-Stop and Harassed

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is flying direct non-stop to and fro Manila!

Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (don't bother to pronounce it) otherwise known as -Royal Dutch Airlines- began this new route offer last November, flying 7x a week from Amsterdam’s Schiphol to Manila’s NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport).

The one and only daily and direct non-stop flight, Manila - Europe brags an approximate 13 hours travel time. A huge difference compared to the normal 1 stop over flight of approximately 19 to 22 hours travel time. That’s more than 6 hours saved.

KLM has also recently upgraded their airline fleet to Boeing 777-200ER.

The new KLM Boeing 777-200ER (extended range) flying direct non-stop from Amsterdam to Manila 7x a week.

KLM was one of the last few airlines to upgrade their fleet, probably because of the very simple reason - they are Dutch, thus they are naturally "zuinig" (thrifty - kuripot po!)

Well I am really to the fore for this Saturday’s flight but right now I feel like I am stretched between two worlds, of being in the holiday euphoric mode and being grounded for the next two days attending to the mundane everyday life and work.

I still have heaps of things arrange. The Dutchman is of course busy nagging at me. If he doesn’t stop, he’s going to hear from me some rehearsed Dutch curses -lol.

Oh, I also have to buy the dreaded pasalubongs (some sort of “you owe them gifts” hehe). Just thinking about that makes me lose my grip. I haven’t bought a single thing yet and I am not Sinterklaas!? Toch?


  1. the next best thing to KLM is Singapore Air, with its nearly 2 hour stopover at Changi Airport (can't complain when its Changi). KLM I believe, has a 30 minute refueling stop at Malaysia. But, note this -- KLM and Singapore Air arrives at Amsterdam at almost the same time in the early morning! (And SG is cheaper too)


  2. Anonymous1:20 pm


    i thought sing air is more expensive(?), but definitely they are a first-world class airline bagging all the awards year afetr year yata. this new KLM direct non stop has no refueling stop raw... direct nonstop talaga and they are using the new b777 planes. i also flew with KLM last sept-oct and the refueling stop was in KL + passengers bound for manila pick up, 1 hour. but lets see this saturday, hehe. 13 hours is not bad.

  3. After hearing about you losing your bag the time you went to UK sometime this year through KLM, I didn't really mind it. But when it happened to my brother who flew back from Manila to UK last Sunday made me think twice of choosing KLM in any of my travels. The lost baggages may have been retrieved but the inconvenience and stress it caused you and may cause me should it happen to me, I wouldn't want to experience. Imagine ever losing a whole baggage of your favorite things, and new ones too! I think Schiphol should start checking baggages when you leave the gate. Anyone can just take whoever's baggage and leave unnoticed!!

    I think Singapore Air is better than KLM -- in service and food! Plus I love Changi airport.

  4. Anonymous8:57 pm

    The advantage of KLM is that you fly from evening and arrive in Manila at 16h30, so if you're travelling in another destination in the islands you can have your connecting flight and arrive there in the evening.

    But the in-flight food is not good...

  5. Anonymous9:06 pm

    The KLM flight to Manila is non stop from November 1, before there were a stop in Kuala Lumpur. It's also the date where they put in service their new 777-200 on this line. Two are flying everyday (one to Manila, the other to Amsterdam). Only 2 of these 7 flights stop in Tokyo Narita. From April 1, these everyday flights will all be direct without stop.

  6. Anonymous12:03 am

    Grace, Someone told me that KLM became notorious in losing bags when they merged with AF, lol. Hey enjoy the holidays, the snowflake will come!

    KLM food is so-so which is what i also rate other airlines, unless if u are flying business or first class then thats something else hehe. And ur right, we leave amsterdam 8pm+ and arrive 4pm+ in manila. Non stop, no stop over, no refueling. Nice!

    Ooops. I will edit my post, its not October that they started flying but November. Thanks Yves and thanks for letting me know privately that was u who posted hehe.


  7. Anonymous12:07 am

    Carrisse, KLM has both Airbus and Boeing but they recently bought a fleet of the Boeing 777-200 for their long haul direct flights... like the Amsterdam-Manila route, the only direct non stop flight from Europe to Philippines.

    Oi, wag inisin si Yves hahahaha! Magtampo ang Airbus friend mo!


  8. Anonymous12:25 am

    Yes it truely is the only non stop flight from Europe to the Phils. I live in the UK and I really miss the Philippine Airlines service between London and Manila. Maybe it will return one day... Hopefully.

    Neng Galpeo


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