Friday, December 03, 2004

Hello Amsterdam

After a glass of Bacardi at work (yeah did I told you we have a pub at work), I went to Amsterdam to do my last minute shopping for the greatest Dutch event of the year --- Sinterklaas. I also need to start hunting for the frock to wear to my brothers wedding.

The Amsterdam Grand Central Station, where I alighted.

I actually felt a release of exhilarants when I stepped into the cobbled and bricked roads of Amsterdam Centrum. The feeling is quite familiar to me... kind of like the feeling I experience everytime I set foot back in Manila.

The throng of crowds, the energetic and cosmopolitan feel, the rustic architecture ambience, the multi-cultural backdrop, the assemblage of old and new... the city, uninhibited and preposterous to the outside world - that’s Amsterdam.

Once the Post Office of Amsterdam, this beautiful building is now a commercial center called Magna Plaza. I was here earlier shopping!

Shopping is really nice in Amsterdam because the main shops are clustered together. It is also a challenge, the many variety of stores can make the untrained shopper dizzy.

I will talk more about Sinterklaas tomorrow, but for the inquisitive ones, I will give a quick prologue... he is kind of like the Dutch version of Santa Claus and pay attention to this, he is supposed to come from Spain, and not from the north pole of Lapland, Finland.

Tot dan! ;-)

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