Saturday, December 11, 2004

Off to Manila

So off we go tonight to the Philippines! I am not yet in the travel mode since, a. we have yet to pack, a daunting task that I love and hate b. I still have no pasalubongs (the “you owe them gifts”). Maybe I buy some Gouda cheese?

I also brought with me the Da Vinci Code book that I bought 2 weeks ago. Thanks to both ladies with initials C-K for the tip. I managed to control the urge not to even take a peek. I will start reading the book during the flight and will give a review about it here after.

What’s waiting for us in the Philippines, 26C-30C temperature! Eat your 'jasjes' (coats) out!
Dutchman is also bringing his back-up tool/s for work emergencies and for my vanity too. I am just wondering how many people have unsecured wireless connections so I can surf freely, although wireless would be an issue in the Philippines. But anyways, I plan to spend spend some time on the thing that I promised myself to write almost a year ago.

I will not be on AWOL (absence without leave) in this bloody blogging diversion. I will probably be updating this blog every 3-4 days and perhaps blog hop if time permits.


  1. Elja: I hope you have a nice trip, good time in Philippines and a safe journey back home. Bring us some sunshine to this fog-hit-that-will-stay-forever place!!

  2. MissT,
    Wow naman, ur going back to PI again! SArap mo!

    I wish you a safe trip and happy holidays!

  3. 22 hours! That is one long flight! Made me realized just how far away Europe is to Asia. Glad you have the KLM direct flight now.Hope you are enjoying your stay in our country (do you often go there,I go there once every 3 years,to renew my driving license).Hope you'll post some pictures and also impressions about our country,from an expat point of view.

  4. Anonymous6:22 pm

    I'm hella jealous! I wish I could go this year but too much is happening all at the same time. Have a safe trip.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Warm hugs from me jor! Happy holidays! Have fun!

  6. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Very good flight with the KLM triple 777 ;-)
    12:00 hours non stop instead of the estimated 13:00 hours

  7. hey everyone, thanks for the well wishes! the flight was delayed but the pilot increased our speed because we arrived after 12 hours instead of an estimated 13 hours! direct non stop, no refueling. really cool.

    we are now in a 24 hour internet cafe in makati avenue, checking our emails and stuff... just came from cafe havana, our nightly hangout ever since we arrived last sunday lol. the place is CRAZY! but fun hahaha.


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