Thursday, December 23, 2004

Paradise Island

Ah, where Dutchman and I are right now on the face of the earth. In Panglao Island, Bohol...


  1. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Misua, nagpaibog-ibog ra man ka namo uy! Asa man gud nang Paradise Island?
    I hope Mr. Diarrhea (and Ms UTI)left you totally already so that you may now stuff yourself with your ever-missed sea food. Yum-yum!!! Grilled lobsters, ensalada de lato or guzo!!! Hmmm...just the thought of these make me drool and feel hungry. Sige lang kay inig ka Augusto, di gyud na nako sipyaton!(reminds me... don't forget to bring a Visayan cookbook para sa atong mugna next year!) Mabulahang Pasko ug Mauswagong Bag-ong Tuig!!! (sa eroplano... hehe...)

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    si eloisya ni no? klaro kaayo :-) i will bring you a banig tas voor jouw pamalengke dezelfde als de tas die ik heb.

    dutchman and i had so much fun with noemi. shes so kalog hahaha.

  3. My! You're one lucky girl. Must be hot there,serene and time passes so ever slowly..How I envy you!! Take me in your arms,Manila!
    Your post about your er,LBM was so real,I could almost feel the panic and the great urge to find a toilet. And the hospital,guess another culture shock for your Dutchman..?
    But still,home sweet home,enjoy your stay and best wishes to your brother.

    Maligayang Pasko!

  4. Anonymous3:37 am

    Got it right! Ako gyod! Ambot lang anang Noemiha! Still hasn't peeped into Asawa...been prodding her para makakuha siya'g input.
    Wheeee... ik kijk erg naar uit de banig tas!!! Alvast bedankt! mwah!

  5. Hey, mooi strand! Nee, er is geen sneeuw hier! Het is ongeveer 10 graden en de zon schijnt! So much for a white Christmas.... :)! Veel plezier nog daar!

  6. Anonymous3:17 am

    sachiko, you better be careful too when u come back for a visit coz its always a problem (lbm-constipation-diarrhea) for us returning pinoys. my friend from tokyo also had the same thing when she was here a month ago. she didnt enjoy her stay for 2-3 weeks too. maligayang pasko din sa yo!

    eloise, my banig tas was kapot! dutchman pulled it rough from the airplanes upper cabin compartment and the hand thing broke off but he bought me a new one hehe. thanks for reminding me about the filipino cookbook, i gotta buy one!

    elja, ja ik heb 't gehoord! jammer eh? misschien komt de sneeuw wat later.

    gister avond zijn wij op een bar bij het strand gezeten om de nieuws over de zeebeving en vloedvolgen in zuid azie (sri lanka, thailand, indonesia, india, enzovoort) naar de TV te kijken. gelukkig dat de filippijnen een beetje ver weg is. er kwamen duizenden mensen om en de schade is erg.

  7. Anonymous3:37 am

    ganda talaga ng pilipinas.

    ako po


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