Saturday, January 08, 2005

Back to REALITY News

It’s been roughly a week after the glorious 3 weeks of warm holiday in the Philippines. The reality has finally sunk down that we are back in the cold and windy land. Outside, I hear the angry swooshing of the wind, its tune reminding me of a choir whistling. And from where I am seated in our living room, I can see the trees and some flags swaying freely. Holland, a windy country.

It is not really that cold, but the callous wind can make 9C feel like its 2C. It bites through leaving painful stings on our skin. I also have to grip myself tight so as not to be tossed and turned by the militant wind. Dutch weather sucks, big time.

Now, on to some better reports...

Yesterday Friday was The Dutchman’s birthday and since he hates growing old, I shall not reveal his real age online. He thinks though he is still 21 years old... yeah right, haha.

So as usual, the whole schoonfamilie (in laws) was over last night to celebrate his verjaardag (birthday). Dutch birthdays are family syndications, they are a revered tradition and is supposed to be an obligation.

One of the discussions that was brought up in the birthday circle (yeah typically Dutch too) is about Dutchman and I going to Wintersport, well for next winter holiday. My schoonzus (sister in law) asked if we can go with them this winter instead. They go every winter to the Alps, which is quite normal I shall say for many Dutch families.

The Austrian Alps, beckoning me for next winter. A favorite wintersport destination for many. Aside from the beautiful alps, Austria boasts of intoxicating lively bars at night.

J must FIRST enroll in ski lessons before we go to wintersport...” stated the Dutchman flatly. “She doesn’t have the good physical condition, so she needs proper preparation.

I was arguing with the Dutchman in my thoughts: “Excuse me, but I am in good physical condition! How can you assume that I can’t handle ski boots just because I wear high-heels? What makes you think I am so fragile? Just because I am not sporty and that I am too woman and feminine... huh?” - GGRRR

Anyway, I will enroll myself with ski lessons, soon. I hope I will have fun.

At WORK, things have fallen back into place. I had a one on one conversation with my superior and one of our plans was to do more business travels. This time to my other markets, so new countries to visit, I hope so.

And TODAY Saturday I will be going shopping, with a friend. ‘Tis winter sale again!

I have come to a point though that shopping is not anymore a luxury these days. The Dutchman thinks I have shopped too much from our Philippines holiday. I guess the habit has degenerated into a menial task, tsk, tsk, tsk.... Well what can we expect? The €uro there was PHP 75! Man, my wad of €uros went a loooooong way!

Or I will have to wait. I am going to Madrid in less than 4 weeks, so perhaps I can reserve my shopping energy there.


  1. Hello... congrats on the dutchman's birthday! Happy shopping too ;)!

  2. Anonymous7:23 pm


    hey...skiing lessons? why don't you suggest to dutchman you try Snowboarding(lessons first op cors ;) )! I'm sure you'll be a hit with your schoonfamilie. Kaya mo yan on the Edging. Goodluck and have fun. joe

  3. Anonymous11:40 pm

    elja, dank je wel! en ik heb flink geshopt :-)

    joe, dutchman is into snowboarding but not me coz i have a problem with balance. i do the skiing thing first. and u, hows ur golf?


  4. ana,

    sure! i will tell ya my experience. maybe u too should take up ski lessons? hows it going there by the way?


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