Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dutchman Reminiscence


Dutchman and I, together with my unwavering family, stayed in the same hotel in Makati for my brother’s wedding (last December). The Dutchman went flat out delirious when the mother at precisely 9AM-sharp, calls us out of bed for breakfast. Then a few minutes before 10AM, a follow up call from again, the mother, reminding us that breakfast in the hotel closes in 10 minutes.

What would you do if your mother in law calls you every single day out of your bed, while you are still suffering from jetlag?

OK so we finally got up after 12NOON and the phone rang again.

Get it! Get it!” screamed the Dutchman throwing the telephone to my side of the bed. “I am sure it’s the mother AGAIN!

On the line: “I have bought brunch for the two of you. Your father will bring it up to your room. Do you want something else?”, the mother said into the phone receiver.

Aahhh, what a wonderful mother in law I have”, grinned the Dutchman concluding... patting his hungry tummy, while his other hand rubbing off his sleepy eyes.


The post celebration of my brother´s wedding was in Chateau de Busay… a classy restaurant in the mountains overlooking the city of Cebu. The view was spectacular, the sky showered with city lights looking like star reflections in the cool night. The garden where the party was held was adorned with torches adding a romantic, cozy but exotic appeal.

I am glad to meet you again”, says my father´s older brother to Dutchman as he grips his hand tightly not giving it back.

Thank you”, replied Dutchman beaming, wanting his hand back.

Did you know that you look like the younger version of Kevin Costner?” my uncle said, still gripping his hands.

--Dutchman laughs, blushing terribly, his face red like a tomato, his hands still hi-jacked by my uncles grip--

Yes, I heard people tell me that but I don´t really like him, I don´t like his movies”, Dutchman said, unsure if that was the right answer in order to get his hand back.


My cousins who met Dutchman in the past were sporting their biggest smile ever saying that he looked so handsome in his suit. Dutchman felt embarrassed but delighted, of course.

The other cousins who only met Dutchman that day whispered controversial things to my ears…

J, your Dutchman is GUWAPO (handsome) and YOUNG! You both are about the same age too!” says one giggling.

And he is NOT HUGE??!” says another. He has a confident stride too...” chimed the other.

Well he actually looks like one of those elusive expat bachelors to me.” one reckoned.


Why, what did you expect I will pick!?” I replied thinking of chastising them.

--- Ah, the beauty of stereotypes in Filipino-Western (Asian-Western) Relationships that you witness in every nook of the Philippines. Well, it did prove a point BUT... you can always SURPRISE or SHOCK them, hehe.

(P.S. I already edited some of the real words my cousins used because they were very brutal! LOL)


  1. Anonymous9:08 am


    so when youre at the airport, all these cargo men fight with each other to win your bags? lol!

    my cousins were actually teasing me coz in cebu the number of fil-west relationships are rising. everywhere u go u see them, in malls, in the streets, everywhere. stereotyping exists everywhere i guess, but mix relationships/marriages have a stigma in some levels of the soceity in the philippines especially when they see that the couples are mismatched.


  2. Anonymous2:18 pm

    After reading this, all I did was laugh, laugh and laugh!!!!
    Ahahahaha...(Don't ask me here why!) ROFL
    I "got up again" just to affirm something... Kevin Costner Jr!!! Yeah, how dumb of me not to notice the resemblance. Indeed! Anyhow, I'm going to marvel at his face when we meet this saturday. LOL Don't you tell him. I don't want to see a conscious tomato-red faced KCJ. AHAHAHA!!!

  3. Anonymous2:53 pm

    silly girl, lol! he is looking forward to see u again, by the way :-)


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