Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Missing Filipina Case – SOLVED

Finally, the Bebe Paña case has folded and was drawn to an end after 4 years of searching for her body, believed to have been killed and hidden by her cold blooded Dutch husband, Edwin.

I actually just received the news today from the Dutchman. He called me at home (I am still on strike lol) that the case was on the headline news of the Telegraaf newspaper. I could not find the news on its online page so I went to the site of Peter R. de Vries, the host of Reality TV Crime & Detective stories. He has been very active with this case.

It was indeed confirmed --- Bebe Paña was found, DEAD, just recently.

For the full news and photos, click on Peter R. de Vries link above. Look into the red section of NIEUWS, then click MEER below.

Bebe Paña with her son when she was still alive.

Her remains were discovered under the cement floor of the murderer husband’s twin brother in Nuenen (The Netherlands), who obviously was an accessory to the crime. He is currently taken into police custody.

Bebe, who’s a Cebuana came to the Netherlands to be with her Dutch husband. Together they had one son. I am not in-tuned to the facets of their marriage, but in 2001 the husband claimed that she suffered stress attacks and because of these, Bebe made a decision to go back to the Philippines to live an anonymous life, free from stress while leaving him to fend for their son. They were all but lies...

Last year (or was it the other year), Peter R. de Vries and his team flew to the Philippines on a Find Bebe hunt mission. Regrettably she was nowhere to be found. Not a single trace.

Peter R. de Vries on a hunt mission in Cebu with Bebe's relative, I think her sister.

In the meantime, the husband Edwin secretly moved to Norway, hoping to escape from the razor-sharp eyes of the press and the police. However unknown to him, the authorities have been already busy for months gathering enough evidence before closing on him. Sometime in October 2004 he was arrested for further questioning on new grounds of evidence in his home in Norway by the local Norwegian police.

The police also found child pornographic materials in his computer!

On relevant news, a Filipina Au Pair was also taken into employment by Edwin to take care of his son (Bebe’s son in this case). Weeks later, the Filipina Au Pair was found dead in her room. Reason of her death was unexplained.

Since he was a doctor by profession, he was clever enough. He quickly arranged for a cremation of the Filipina Au Pair. And in order to get the family's approval for the cremation, he probably made up some believable neurotic story and dangled enough Euros in between to the poor family back in the Philippines.

The Dutch police could not press charges since the crime scene was expunged and manipulated leaving no remnants of evidence. And worse, there was no body, no victim’s body to investigate, but only ashes.

But with the death of his Filipina wife Bebe and the new developments the police found, he is immovable. He cannot escape. Canned. He should be pulverized in jail!

I have actually been following this case since I arrived here in NL in 2002. Such a tragic tale isn't it?

These are the kinds of stories the C.F.O. (Commission on Filipino Overseas) will usurp and flaunt onto your face, complete with video tapes and horror flick accounts, when going through the CFO counseling seminar. A counseling seminar is required by Philippine law to any Filipino citizen moving to another country as a love immigrant.

This Bebe Paña story, I am sure will be added to their already jam-packed inventory collection of murder and abuse documentaries of Filipinas abroad.


  1. Wow. Case solved!

    The Dutch police gives more attention to cases involving even Filipino deaths, than Filipino police giving attention to countless deaths in our own country!

    If Bebe is killed in the Philippines, I doubt the case will ever be solved.

  2. Anonymous11:27 pm


    Yes, I am glad for the closure of this case. This is one of the most watched crimes in NL. It was on TV always with updates. I even saw Bebe's family in Cebu interviewed. My heart goes out to them.


  3. Anonymous12:31 am

    Hello MissT from the sunny Philippines! I finally managed to bloghop for some updates from the NL. Good to know that the case of Bebe was finally solved. It is ideed a tragic case but with this development I hope that justice can finally be achieved. Anyway, i'm just enjoying the last few remaining days of the sunny weather. Keep warm! SARI

  4. this is a heartbreaking story. i feel for her relatives back in the Phil. but mostly, i feel for the son she left behind. i pray that the relevant authorities will take care of his psychological well being too, now that the father was found out to be his mom's killer. i hope a long term counseling and yes, therapy will be accomodated to him.

  5. Anonymous9:14 am

    SARI: wow i envy you! u are still in sunny and warm pinas. enjoy ur time there girl.

    ja, i am also glad there there is a closre to this bebe pana story. her case has been aired on TV many times and i am sure all the filipinos are glad that justice survived.

    LUCHIE: the kid is currently with these social help organization for children. last october 2004, the police in norway found child porn material in his PC so they has reason to take the kid into custody before the case was even solved. i really pity the family of bebe, i saw them on TV, they were crying. its so heartbreaking.


  6. Anonymous9:29 am

    Great entries Jor! I'm responding to the 2 latest ones.
    I'm learning much about the telephone manners here in NL. I have to try getting myself accustomed to saying "met Mevrouw S." hehe... it's not easy. I sometimes feel my tongue stiffens. LOL

    Regarding the discovery of Bebe's body (may her soul RIP now, Honey-pie and I were wondering how the twin-brother could normally walk over that portion of his house's flooring knowing that a corpse is rotting in there...Geesh, soo creepy. What a nightmare to imagine one hand popping out from the floor to grab him, as what we see in horror movies. Or the Dutch mentality doesn't damn care at all... if it's okay to parade those, for us considered "private body parts" during summer or the Gay Parade, and post that "OH-MY gulay" in a magazine for the public to see, then it must be just fine to live in a house where a dead body lies. Or the doctor and his brother's brains are just beyond normal?

  7. I'm so sorry to read about this murder, it's so sad! Just a while ago my classmate from China was murdered in her apartment as well, they still don't really know who it was... I'm glad this type of case gets solved!!

    To respond to the comment above mine, I am Dutch, and Dutch people would NOT like to live above a dead body! Just see it like this: these people could murder someone... doesn't that prove already that their mind is screwed up? Or is it just me? Anyway, I guess Dutch people are more comfortable with 'walking on graves' though... here in Haarlem there's a big church where the floor is made of graves! Quite creapy...

  8. Anonymous8:01 pm

    that's totally jacked-up! he's a good excuse of a big waste of existence in human race. i mean, killing 2 people without mercy. man-alive! i hope he rots in jail and in hell! ugh! limoncello

  9. Anonymous11:07 pm

    MEVROUW S, good that u are doing well with ur dutch telephone manners.

    this bebe pana case is sad. i think this edwin is just one of the few bad apples we find anywhere in this planet.

    ELJA, that chinese girl was ur classmate?! i read that news. that was really terrible... i hope her case will also be solved. i read she was pregnant too?

    LIMONCELLO, ya there are really crazy people out there. i think the case of bebe was manipulation from the start because she was poor and not as educated and smart as his doctor husband.


  10. Hello,good morning,this is Sachiko..
    There..Am I prim and proper? Do you think I'll pass the test?
    Hahaha..The Japanese are also very particular with manners. We have standard answer or words for every occassion.But it's ok to just say,"Hai" (yes?) or "moshi moshi" (hello) when answering the phone.

    Maybe that beast also killed the other pinay?..I wonder if there were no other victims before his wife..

  11. Hi there... to respond to your answer: yeah, she was 7,5 months pregnant when they killed her. so cruel, they actually killed 2 people instead of one...

  12. Anonymous6:18 pm

    So heartbreaking, sadistic! Kill the husband! :@


  13. SACHIKO, yeah heard japanese are very particular with manners.

    i think this murderer edwin was the one who killed the au pair, they just couldnt prove it with evidence.

    ELJA: its such a horrible story. i feel for her husband/bf.

    ECHA: indeed! the creep!

  14. Here a last important update, the case is stil not closed, because the department of Justice decided to go in cassation.
    In the higher court the judges looked to much at the investigation of the dutch NFI, the authorney of MR ten Winkel was able to make confusion about this.
    So that`s why ten Winkel got his freedom back.
    But in the coming court appeal they wil look more at the investigation of the dutch police, they found so many indications that Ten Winkel planned and organized everything so well.
    We need some patient for this, but sooner or later he wil "hang".

  15. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Hans said:
    "In the higher court the judges looked to much at the investigation of the dutch NFI, the authorney of MR ten Winkel was able to make confusion about this."
    In the appelate court it became clear that the NFI evidence was forged. The appelate court also decided that even if the evidence was present, it did not point to his guilt. The Lawyer did not confuse anything, on the contrary he made things very clear.
    That is why ten winkel was exhonorated for manslaugther: because there was absolutely no proof that Bebe was killed.
    I think it was under public pressure that he got convicted in the lower court. The police never did any proper investigation towards other possible perpetrators and they completely ignored the fact that longtime friends of her described her as severly depressed and suicidal, they also ignored a goodbye letter from Bebe in which she praised her husband and described her mental state.

    In the Dutch legal system, the High Court ('cassatie'), does not re-evaluate the facts, but it looks at due process.

  16. Anonymous12:44 am

    Could it be that you are the Hans that admitted to strangling Bebe? and that is mentioned here

    Verdacht gedrag eerste echtgenoot van Bebe Paña


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