Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mona Lisa's Smile

One of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Masterpiece.

Mona Lisa: Wut up? Wuh yu lookin at muh?

What is her secret? Is she hiding something from us? Why is she giving that mischievous smile?

The Da Vinci Code book. Quite a controversial piece... but then, I am not religious myself so I am not really surprised.

Jesus loved a woman.
That woman was Mary Magdalene.
They were supposed to be married.
And Mary Magdalene was never a prostitute.
Then they had children.
Jesus had children.

Jesus was a man... after all.

Jesus Christ!!!

Have you read the book?


  1. Anonymous2:05 am

    ooops very controversial indeed especially if you're a catholic!

  2. I haven't read the book but I must say: this picture of the frowning mona lisa really creeps me out! *scary!*

  3. Anonymous10:49 am

    My best friend from high school told me she couldn't go to church for several weeks after reading the book. LOL!!
    I thought it was a fun read, nothing more. But I was already familiar with many of Dan Brown's "blockbuster" revelations in the book.

  4. Anonymous1:41 pm

    ANONYMOUS: i know it is :-)

    ELJA: she's hiding a secret. go buy that book, its interesting especially the religious history stuff

    TRIVIABUFF: lol! thats how she was affected? i gave the book to my mom, i wonder what she thinks? but she's a cynic too like me, lol.


  5. Anonymous8:32 pm

    jorz... it's coming soon i hope in film starring tom hanks(langdon?) and ron howard directing.nah, a year or 2 in the making? be waiting for it tho.yup did leaf thru that big colorful book ($35.00)jeez! LOL.joe2par

  6. JOE: ja, i heard about tom hanks as langdon in the movie. it was interesting reading the book coz i have been in paris, so it brought me flashbacks.

    $35? that expensive? i bought the paperback here for EUR11-12 something which is around $15-16

  7. Excellent book and the thought of my Catholic cousins (who seems to make decisions on life based on the Catholic morality) will shake them to core!

  8. heya, jorz, where did you get that picture? that's a wack!!

    hmmm, thinking about da vinci code in a movie..might be worth it. contrario to the bourne series of ludlum which i didnt watch in movies - fear of disappointments..this one i guess should be seen in a movie, ah, when i was reading the book, i was always stopped imagining which and which paintings / sign / places in paris, etc...

  9. Anonymous8:30 pm

    DOMESTIC GODDESS: ooohh (catholic) morality? that's a touchy subject, hehe. i have a cousin who's loyal to opus dei by the way, i should send her a copy.

    and hey, welcome!

    ANA: im good and patient when searching pictures on the net! isnt mona lisa cute? hehe.

    dont u get tired sometimes with all these bestsellers? each author has his style, nothing wrong with that but each book they write looks like a hand me down copy of the last bestseller they wrote. i get frustrated with that lol.

    u better tell me soon about the merovingians, supposedly jesus and mary magdalenes family tree!


  10. well, i think dan brown's da vinci code will be my first and last book of him..i've read and heard that he's got only one style in his approach so..

    the merovingien clan..pure fiction of course. but i should say that the book was well-researched and highly captivating..

  11. Anonymous11:17 pm

    ANA: i had the feeling that dan browns books can be boring if u already know his style hehehe. its like reading ludlum. maybe its just me? i am perhaps getting old? lol


  12. Anonymous11:22 pm

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