Sunday, January 02, 2005

Nature's Wrath

I am still overwhelmed by the Asia Quake - Indian Ocean incident. Every single day, I am glued watching BBC as the latest tragic news unravels right before my very eyes. It is just so painful and beyond belief to see the unspeakable video footages and pictures. It makes my nerves weak.

Dutchman and I was in a bar-restaurant in Panglao Island (Bohol) on a Sunday early evening drinking our after dinner coffee when we saw the dreadful news. At first, we thought it was just a typical quake, but later that night at around 11pm, we came back to the same bar-restaurant for late night drinks (unfortunately it was the only bar that had the TV on in that area of the beach), then we saw how huge the scale of the catastrophe is.

We could not stop focusing on Thailand: Phuket and Phi Phi Islands, since we have been there. Thinking about the tsunami made us feel vulnerable. Majority of the resort hotels in Phi Phi are housed along the very thin coastline strip, about 200-300 meters in width from end to end. We can just imagine how the waves enveloped the whole place. Unimaginable!

Here is a Thai website: Official Thai Tsunami Information Center. Be warned that the photo's may be very disturbing.
And now, as I look at the Banda Aceh region in Indonesia, words cannot explain how nature can strike. Almost all the population is gone by this tsunami madness.

Death toll has now risen over 150,000 and thousands still missing and unaccounted. Millions displaced. Indonesia was the most hard hit, next Sri Lanka. Sweden also mourns, as the country with the largest foreign nationals (tourists) missing, about 3,500.

Many survivors are dying. Communicable diseases already exist in these places and are or will be exacerbated due to the heartbreaking situation at hand. Outbreaks may be eminent in the affected countries.

Global aid has arrived, but logistic problems pose as the greatest challenge since all the infrastructure (such as roads and bridges) have been washed and turned into a mass of debris, leaving no access on ground for help to pass.

Lives lost, people dying, livelihood washed away, houses wiped out, societies ruined… the suffering continues on what was left over with the tsunami devastation, the biggest in this century. Many are now questioning WHY it happened.

The surviving victims need support and my only hope is that THEY GET IT, not short term but LONG TERM.

Flashback and Dutch Sneak Preview Foto's just updated.


  1. Anonymous2:51 am

    Hi Misua!
    Glad to have you and DM back safely in NL. Since I've started reading your blog, I've always looked forward to see what's next. I think I've opened your site more than you do. Hehe... just joking. But of course reading is far easier that writing.
    Yeah, my heart bleeds for these people too. Grabe!!!! I'm having nightmares thinking of what happened. While looking at the pictures of "Lady Justice" in Boracay, I couldn't help but imagine the waves rolling, becoming tsunamis. It's making me paranoid in a way! Ingon gud siya akong arm muscle problems nibalhin sa akong utok. Whaaah! Can't help!
    Waiting for our chika-time. Please don't forget to bring photos ha!

  2. Hey missT... yeah it's terrible to see what happened there in Asia... nature's force is far more powerfull than that of people! Still, I'd like to say: gelukkig nieuw jaar! Elja

  3. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Eloise and Elja,

    I am still shocked by the Tsunami! My heart goes to the people who died and to the remaining survivors. I may never feel their pain but I am close to shedding tears when I hear the survivors experiences. The tragedy is unprecendented.

    I have planned to donate and waited till I get back to NL to do it (well I got back last Saturday) and was pondering on how much to give. Then today, Dutchman sent me an email from work that his company, a Dutch bank will be donating to the humanitarian organizations for the tsunami victims. Furthermore, the bank was also asking their employees to donate and will double (multiply 2x) the amount the employees gave. I have wanted to transfer money to the Giro 555 but refrained when I got this mail from Dutchman... because if i course my donation through his bank employer, my amount donated will be doubled, so more money for the victims.

    It is so sad... but the little we can do will help the many who probably lost all hope there.

    Trouwens, Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar - MissT

  4. IT is really heart-breaking to know that whoever is hit by the rage of nature has no real defense...there was just no ample time to flee. And now, even with the event itself having abated, the repercussions are depressing...

    We had no reason to celebrate the new year with a bang...we were just thankful to be in good health and to be with each other.

    May this New Year be another good year to you and Dutchman, and to us here.

  5. Manang, Kakaiyak talaga thats why sometimes I'm tempted to refrain watching the news. Wish you and your family good health and a splendid 2005.


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