Saturday, January 15, 2005

This Week's Review: Mama Mia!

This whole week has been a total defiance for me, well my body that is, because I was and am still sick.

I visited my doctor last Tuesday and he referred me to another one. That’s the system here in NL, centralized with lots of red tape. It’s not the same in the Philippines or any other country where you can just go visit any doctor or drop by at any OPD (Out Patient Department) of a hospital anytime. In NL, no one will entertain you, they move here by appointments. *sigh*


A girl’s night out: the mother in law, sister in law and me yesterday Friday.

I still wasn’t feeling well but the tickets were already bought last year. I just can’t cancel and say rain check, it’s € 60 (US$ 80) loss of money. So I went.

The musicale play was held at this imposing Beatrix Theater in Utrecht right below Utrecht Centraal Station... which for me is 5 minutes away by tram or car, less than 10 minutes by bike and 20 minutes by foot from where we live.

The theater was full. The entrance was crammed with throngs of crowd, all queued up and hurrying to get inside to escape from the dry evening cold.

When I stepped inside, different hues of blondes and browns greeted me in the lobby. Many were sipping their drinks by the lobby bar and by the lobby mezzanine above.

We proceeded to the garderobe (wardrobe) to deposit our winter coats. Of course this service is not free and I think its a must.

We reserved the drinks for the pauze (pause) later. So we went up to the mezzanine to check where our gate is - gate 6.

The insides of the theater resembled like a bigger version of a movie house, except that this is more stylish and extravagant. There were also handsome and pretty ushers and usherettes assisting theater goers and at the same time promoting the CD’s of Mamma Mia.

The show began with a loud explosion of retro ABBA music. Ah, my childhood, the 70’s. They brings back memories of the past...

The storyline of the musicale revolved around ABBA’s music, Sweden’s masterpiece. Speaking of which, if you try calling a Swedish company, do not be surprised if their music-on-the-telephone-while-you-wait is an ABBA classic. I found it really entertaing!

Anyway, this is my first time to attend a theatrical musicale play in Holland and – in Dutch. I had to condition myself to switch and settle into the 100% Dutch mode. A daunting task I suppose.

The finale, a dramatic piece... superb theatrical production.

But to cut the long story short, the play was fantastic... leaving me with a loving and whimsical feel after. I guess this is what plays do to you eh?

What I really enjoyed was the play of lights. It made the whole set alive and glorious. I felt like a little kid admiring the colorful camaraderie of lights, scene after scene after scene. It was simply gorgeous...

I won’t bore anyone with the details, so for the real review, check it up HERE. Click North America for an English version. Highly recommended!

When I got home, the Dutchman was sitting on his favorite black leather fauteuil. Typical of him, he’s glued to that fauteuil all weekend with his laptop and afstandbediening (remote control – I know, such a strange word!). Yeah right, men...


  1. Anonymous2:29 am

    nice, would love to watch it too. will check the link.

  2. Hey MissT... Isn't the Beatrix theatre the fancy one where the Queen herself goes every once in a while? It must have been really pretty in there!

  3. hhmm, it must be coz it has her name hehehe! its a really nice place. its by the NS station tegenover jaarbeurs.

  4. Anonymous3:07 am

    I really enjoyed the ABBA songs of "Mamma Mia" in Las Vegas during New Year. The first few minutes was kind of boring but when they belted the first song, it woke me up. I like it better than "Phantom of the opera" which I watched in London. My son and I slept through it. But what I like best was "Miss Saigon".

  5. Anonymous11:43 pm

    yeah the ABBA music was really cool. would love to see miss saigon, wasnt able to watch that. wonder if there is a re-make?


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