Friday, February 11, 2005

A Date on a Thursday Night in AMS

I always love the mystic allure of Amsterdam. Subdued and mysterious but full of sinful vivacity hehe.

Our customary rendezvous plek (place) is the Grand Cafe Heineken Hoek, a bar café restaurant by the corner of Leidseplein. The Dutchman was drinking a glass of beer when I arrived. He was looking very sharp in his crisp blue suit. Great timing, he was halfway through his drink, now we can go look for a nice place to have dinner.

We had Italian. Dutchman had spaghetti bolognese and I tried something with seafood. We left the restaurant with full stomachs.

Table Etiquette: Never say, “Ik ben vol!” (I am full). My in laws told me its not done, its bad manners. The best way to say is, “Ik heb genoeg.” (I have enough).

At around 8:00PM we were walking back to Leidseplein. We had tickets to to a comedy show in Boom Chicago.

Boom Chicago, a bar, a restaurant, and a theater rolled into one.
Thursday night was the -Best of Boom Chicago- act. The show was actually fun and the humor, very American. But most important of it all, everything was in English! I too get sick from trying to speak Dutch all the time. Take note - trying. My throat hurts from the gargoylic exercise.

Not only were these artists excellent with what they do for a living, that is being funny, they were also experts of IMPROV (Improvisation). It’s something along the lines of an impromptu skit on the stage. Well, I was so impressed but then again I never had any acting talent to begin with. To read more about improvisation, click HERE

Every scene was filled with so much fun and laughter, and the themes were political in nature, which can be quite controversial if you’re a staunch American, French, Jew, or Muslim.

Socio Etiquette: If you can’t beat them, join them... so do this for a laugh. When you meet a Dutch woman, ask her how to say, “Choose my side.” in Dutch. The answer should be, “Kies mijn kant.” Phonetically you will hear it this way, “Kiss mine cunt.” - lol.

Boom Chicago Theater in Leidseplein. You can have dinner whilst watching the show too.

Would be tourists, do not forget to drop by at this fabulous place. It’s worth the money, plus all those laughter can make you younger even for just a night. I would rate them 9 stars out of 10. Highly recommended.

Dutchman and I were so tired when we came home. It was almost midnight. How we bloody wish next day was a Saturday, but it wasn’t, it was a Friday.


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