Sunday, February 13, 2005

Love & Music

OK so it’s Valentines Day tomorrow. And I know, am pretty sure, that those couples who believe in this day of hearts will be celebrating it this weekend. I would have loved to join this romantic display, after all I grew up with this cupid culture, though at certain moments, I have these rebellious pangs to boycott Valentines day. It can be too cliched, you know what I mean?

The plan was... well my plan that is, is to do a wandeling (a walk) in the forest or perhaps a park... or we go fietsen (biking) somewhere and maybe visit a castle nearby. I really had no thoughts of jumping the bandwagon of dreamy lovers dining in those restaurants. I wanted something out of the ordinary. But the weather killed it.

The Dutchman also does not believe in Valentine’s Day. “Its all about commercialism.” he says. “Its BS...”

I believe that’s the typical Dutch man saying talking. He is also older (30’s+) thus that probably explains why he doesn’t follow this romantic tradition. I was told that he never celebrated this? Uh-huh?

I found out that Valentines Day is just like any other ordinary day in NL. It is not celebrated, only the younger generation has started to adapt this mainly because of the commercial influence.

I have a story to tell. Late last year I was with my schoonmoeder (mother in law), we were driving to somewhere, and she noticed my smell and asked, “What perfume are you wearing, it smells really nice!”

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.” I replied “Dutchman gave it to me as a present last Valentines Day.”

“Oh really, I never received anything during Valentines Day, never… ” she said albeit quite surprised. Perhaps shocked would have been the appropriate word considering that his Dutch son, a supposedly non-practicing Valentines Day BS, was caught in the art of romantic giving. “ ...and also ML and AK (my sister in laws), they never received anything.” she added.

“You Dutch don’t celebrate it, right?” I asked.

“No we don’t... but the young people are starting to...” she answered.

Here in NL, many Dutchies, including my Dutchman do not revel in surprises. They want to know upfront what you want for your birthday or any special occasion for that matter. In a way there is no point of wrapping the gift because you already know whats inside -lol.


I have been musically tagged by Sachiko.

My debunked Top 10 list...

Hmm... right now, I have no clue. What I will do instead is list down the type of music I like:

- Alternative music, especially the 1980’s
- New Age music
- Trance music
- Pop Rock

What is the total amount of music files in my computer?

I used to download a lot of music with Kazaa Lite. Previously with Napster. Dutchman has installed Shareaza but it doesn’t seem to work, so I can’t download anything!

The last CD I bought:

-Gregorian Darkness- (bought December 2004 in Bohol, Philippines during our island getaway for Php 90, pirated though, ooops)

What was the last song I listened to before reading this message?

I never paid any attention, sorry.

Write down 5 songs that you listen a lot or mean a lot to you.

I am not a sentimental gal. I think I have overgrown every bit of mushy mushy stuff and all these attachment to things, events, and yes, even music.

At work, I get to listen to a lot of Trance and Pop Rock because my colleague across me is playing non-stop, ID&T, which I believe is now SLAM FM.

At home, the Dutchman is currently on an endless experiment of 1980’s revival music.

Night by night by night, he constantly plays the Best of Modern Talking album, that German duo who sang the popular song in 1985, ‘Brother Louie’. Their other equally popular songs are, ‘You’re my heart, you’re my soul’ and ‘Cheri Cheri Lady’. Anyone remember those?

Ack, sometimes I wish that he stops flippin’ those songs on the DVD player. He actually doesn’t like them, it’s supposed to be an insult to the music industry. He revels at the idea that bad taste has won, and has brought fame and riches to this couple. Modern Talking sold more than 60 million copies of their albums in the 80’s.

Who am I going to pass this to?

I don’t know, but I am going to ask this, “Who wants to be tagged?”


  1. May I admit I did listen to Modern Talking. I dedicated my valentine post to the dogs!

  2. Grreetings from Mars...krzxsrrrst...Love and Money should not be mixed but sadly these days, if you aint got money you aint got love.

  3. Anonymous1:21 am

    When are you switching to word press, am finally happy with the way mine looks but actually putting something in it may be the biggest challenge for me.

    throw me some topics. LOL

  4. Anonymous4:39 am

    Wheww! New look huh!!! Really cool!
    Modern Talking? LOL That was played by Dutchman the whole time I was in your penthouse! Harharhar... our high-school days music! I remember...those shaggy haircut and baggy pants. LOL
    Happy Valentines Day to u both! Well, I don't give much importance to this day. IMO, anyday is Love Day! I will simply kiss and greet my Honeypie. Tipid pa!

  5. "Green Tea" by Elizabeth Arden...I'm writing that down...

    You know what's great, is finding an 80's CD with some obscure song that you loved but forgot about. I can't tell you how many of those I've bought just for one or two songs. I'd recommend the Wedding Singer soundtrack (both of them), there's a few good hidden gems on those...


  6. Hey, how did my picture get on here?! What is this new devilry?!

  7. SHA: Oh my gulay, you did remember modern talking lol! i am sure you´re one of the valentines day rebels!!!

    MAJOR TOM: thanks for visiting. you are very realistic. lots of love now want money. and its really hard to pretend that we can just live with banana. in cebuano, we have this saying: "bahala ug saging basta labing" (it doesnt matter if we eat banana as long as we are loving to each other)

    G: whats your review on wordpress? a nice topic would be about the place you live G. same as what I am doing disecting the netherlands and its people under my microscopic eye lol. or can you post few spanish phrases please, so when I am there at the end of the month, i would know a bit to survive for a few days hehe

    MADAM E: (si anonymous, i know it lol): right, high school days pero soooo baduy! new term is jologs lol. hey, what do you mean by new look?

    RIK: green tea has a nice smell, very feminine. virginia will love it hehe. yeah i got you there... there are so many nice music in the past and i have already forgotten them! would u know of a site that sells 80s music on cd? all i had in the past were either an LP or tape recorder, hehe.

    the pic RIK is a new functionality in blogger, its cool huh? i think it only shows when ur "logged-in" though.

  8. I love EA's Green Tee. Also like that maroon version (with Cinnamon yata yon).

    We had crappy weather yesterday but Vday seemed better. Although, J and I are going to use this day to get a free babysitting service from my sister so we could watch a movie.

  9. I made it clear to my man no silly present on valentine's pls! If he does give flowers I WILL SLAP HIM A DIVORCE PAPER if those red roses will ever come to our door. Just tulips or lillies but any day will do.
    when i read yr post I was humming Modern Talking songs (hmmm, why did u have to remind us)
    Green Tea try BULGARI...

  10. So,did your Dutchman give you a present? For me,I gave my hubby and son chocolates.It's the practice here that women give the men chocolates and exactly a month after that (3/14),it's the women who gets chocolates,only it should be white and that day is called "white day". Strange,huh!

    Thanks for playing along,how nice of you!.. no takers yet? :)

  11. Hey MissT... Happy Valentine's day! Well, for me valentine's day is just another day in February... I gave up on getting anything a long time ago, lol! Hope u have a nice day though, let me know if u get anything!

  12. ANP: yeah it was so bad weather yesterday! Today is a bit better here though but still with intermittent rainshowers. Have a great time tonight, you sure need a romantic night off! Hehe

    SHA: you are the woman of the millenium. Bravo! Hahaha read your life story at 15 in greece, will reply mamyang gabi na. Naku blame the dutchman for the modern talking. He is playing it every night! 80's revival for baduy (bad) taste hahaha.

    SACHIKO: my friend in tokyo told me about that strange tradition! Weird nga lol. It was also in the newspaper here that women give chocolates to men in japan during valentines and its reciprocated a month after.

    ELJA: good that you gave up! Dutch men are really not that romantic, aren't they? Haha. I also doubt if I ever get anything because I haven't reminded him. The Dutchman doesn't like surprises, he PLANS, which unfortunately is very dutch.

  13. Anonymous11:09 pm

    valentine's day... hmmm... another day of a good excuse to get lushed!!! LMAO! that's our story and we're sticking to it. hehehehe. for one thing, my birthday rolls around this time of the year, and it usually falls on a 3-day w/e (except this year), so my husband has been abducting me for a long weekends for the past 6yrs now (fyi - we just got married in summer '04). so, valentine's get to roll into the w/e, planned. LOL. he's abducting me again, this time for over a week... where? who knows. i'll find out when i get there.

    i'm not one of those who are so gung-ho about valentine's day, either. just like everyone else, i find it too commercialized, also. so, we're just getting lushed, tonite, with a better excuse - valentine's. LMAO!

    i never heard of modern talking - and, i asked my husband if he had heard of the group. he said that heard of the group, but 'nay' on the songs. this is a man who has a vast collection of the 80's tunes, also. maybe, if we hear the song, we'll remember it. hmmm... something to investigate, i guess.

    either way... hope you have a great valentine's... either that, hope the first day of the week gives you a great start! limon ;)

  14. Anonymous11:32 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. LIMON: kidnap u! how romantic!!! lol! better come back and tell us here where he will chain you for the week! sana may blog ka, so we can make follow ups hehe.

    modern talking is really baduy, as in BADUY! lol! go check the link and you will see some sample of their music (and pics too).

    AND.... wheee, the dutchman didnt forget lol. when i came home he has a present for me, another perfume: nina ricci, l'air du temps (i had one like this in the past). and the next thing he said after i kissed him thanks, was this: "so, where's my valentines gift?" lol! silly hehe

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. nina ricci l'air du temps, a beautiful scent for an elegant woman!

  18. I ended up surprising Virginia with a diamond cross shaped necklace. She seemed to like it, but she's always so even keeled that it's hard to tell sometimes. I'm glad V Day is over for another year...

  19. Anonymous4:12 pm

    quiet ka ata.

    My take on word press. go for the up and soon to be released version 1.5, the beta versions are out as well and that´s what I have been using, quite user friendly.

    Find yourself a template/theme you like and redo it to suit yourself as I had done. I´ll help you out if you need help.

    If you want, we can try it out when you come over, which is when na ba talaga? waiting for your email ?
    sigue na, i got your call na.


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