Wednesday, February 23, 2005

MADRID here I come!

I am off to the south of Europe, to MADRID! I will be boarding the first flight out on Friday and will be in the city after 9AM.

It will be a 3 day getaway, I need it just to haul my mind somewhere elsewhere, away from the hot pressures at work, as well as I will be meeting a girl friend there.

I am so ooking forward to walking on the historical calles and plazas of the metropolis and enjoying the exciting nightlife. Girl friend also told me of this popular -Meson Hopping- which she said I shouldn’t miss. Its supposed to be a real local treat. I am all for it!

Plaza Mayor at dusk... definitely one of my stops.

I will be staying in the Chueca zone, known as the SOHO and alternative district of Madrid. The hotel has Art-Deco furnitures and early 20th century room designs. The price was not bad, not cheap but not expensive as well. I chose Chueca because it is ideally located, just 15 minutes walk to the center, the parks, the plazas and other historical monuments and galleries.

I will probably meet a business associate for coffee. He was actually surprised I will be staying in Chueca.

“Do you know what Chueca is?” He asked, in between laughs.

“Yes, it’s the SOHO and alternative district of the city. There are clubs, bars and restaurants!” I answered albeit innocently (lol).

“Well, yes that’s correct... but, do you know that it’s a gay/lesbian area?”

Okay, he must be one of those religious and spiritual type or have issues with gender dudes? Oh well, whatever.

I just wish the temperature in Madrid will be higher than 5C because I love walking around.


  1. Oh,how I envy you,MissT! Do bring us some pictures and lots of stories when you come back. I will just have to satisfy myself through reading your blog. Let me see Madrid through your eyes..

  2. Anonymous3:38 am

    One of these days I'll be touring Spain and Portugal but not in summer. A spaniard friend of mine said, summer is the pits weather wise. Your timing Jori is just perfect.

  3. Wow, you're going to Madrid, have fun! Never been there myself. I'm going to Antwerp on monday to do a survey among people coming to a gardening-fare... it's for the export plan! The good thing: the client pays for the transportation:)!

  4. Jor, you'll be one up on me, haven't done Madrid yet. I'm heading up to Germany for work next week, but I'd much rather be in Spain...

  5. jorz, bon weekend! enjoy yourself and bring us a lot of stories when you come back :)

  6. Hi MissT, have a good weekend getaway. Geniet van het eten in Spanje! Mmmm lekker eten. I enjoyed Madrid despite the fact that I was almost a victim of pickpockets while riding their Metro.

  7. Havent been to Madrid yet,BARCELONA, most of the south really is cool as well. Have enough of travel this month,my life is a luggage. Hope you are having fun.. you still owe me an email! Had too much ale in UK, pudding and ale!

  8. hi everyone! i am still in madrid but flying home to NL tonight. will make an entry about my impressions of madrid. beautiful city with non-stop nightlife. people here do NOT sleep! and they don't stop eating!!!!

  9. Anonymous9:33 pm

    goede reisss!!

    Arghh Im so jealous :(

    Het is 8 graden onder de nul hier :'(

  10. Anonymous11:56 am

    Perfect timing, manay! today temps have suddenly dropped to -3º. it´s now noon and has only risen to 1º

  11. Anonymous10:49 pm

    hey, girl! i know this is a late comment... but, i'm trying to catch-up with homeworks, emails and other readings after my abduction. i got abducted to rome, btw. we, purposely, didn't see the entire area so we have another good excuse to drive down there again. lol.

    i'm sure the trip to madrid is all fun. guess, i'll have to read that next. take care! limon :)

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