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If I were to choose between watching TV and listening to Music, I would listen to Music and throw the TV out of the window.” A quote I made in circa 1980’s.

U2//VERTIGO//2005 Europe Tour, Uitverkocht! (Sold Out!)

6:30AM - Saturday in Utrecht, in one of the postkantoors (post offices), people waiting outside taking numbers for the long cue of the selling of the most sought after U2 concert tickets. Dutchman took a number - #40. Left and went back home since opening of the shop will be at 10:00AM.

9:30AM - The Dutchman was back in the post office while I was still in bed, hehe. Only to find out that his #40 does not anymore exist. They have re-numbered. Oh la la… The Dutchman was pissed!

And so, using his Dutch magic talisman, he went out to look for an easy prey, er help. Luckily, a young couple who held a re-numbered #38 accommodated his plea. They will buy tickets for him. Such an obliging couple indeed. The Dutchman heaved a sigh of relief.

U2, the most successful band in the 20th-21st century, ranking next to the legendary Beatles is still in 2005 going strong.

I discovered Bono and his gang during my teens, circa 1980’s through Y101 (a really cool FM radio station at that time in Cebu, Philippines) and my cousin, who has superb taste in music. My first U2 LP (long playing) album was the “Under a Blood Red Sky” with the controversial hit, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and my favorite, “New Years Day”.

So, now you see why Dutchman and I fell into place. We savor the same edge in music - alternative. And we are one of those intransigent U2 fans!

10:00AM - The post office opened. Surprise: The ticketing system has malfunctioned. Bloody good timing, the Dutchman is now pissing on his pants…

The sale of the U2 tickets is managed centrally via a database which controls and connects to all participating post offices across the Netherlands. These post offices acts as ticket retail outlets. To buy the concert tickets, the ticketing system in these outlets plucks out an available seat from the central database. It then prints out the ticket and you pay. A really handy system, it is.

But... the ticketing system in the post office where the Dutchman was… was having alcoholics anonymous withdrawal crisis. The worrywart is now in panic thinking that across this small trite country, other ticketing systems are busy plucking seats left and right from the central database. Each concert by the way allows approximately 50,000 seats.

The big question: Can the Dutchman still get a seat?

10:30AM - I followed Dutchman to the post office. The place was so crowded! An announcement: The FIRST concert is UITVERKOCHT! (Sold Out!) Whew, that was just 30 minutes since they opened and they have only served 8 clients? The Dutchman was fraught with much distress. Talk about hysterics! Luckily the ticketing system stopped coughing.

10:31AM - Tickets for the SECOND concert was open for selling. Since we had connived with the #38 young couple, we waited by the side... the Dutchman, attempting to follow the impossible Zen route.

11:00AM – The SECOND concert again UITVERKOCHT! (Sold Out!) The Dutchman, this time terribly flustered was pacing restlessly.

11:15AM“Number 38 please?!” shouted the ticketer. The post office has turned off the electronic numbering system since it was a chaos. Ah, alas! The #38 young couple whom we depended for our lives at that very moment finally had their turn!

11:30AM – Dutchman very much elated was calling on his mobile to a colleague (whom we are going with to the concert) about the good news. We left the post office with our smiles beaming from side to side. We have the U2 tickets in our hands! Whopeee!

The concert will be in July in the Amsterdam Ajax Arena. The FIRST show will be on the 13th, the SECOND act on the 14th (or 15th), and the THIRD, where we will be going to, is on the 16th.

All THREE concerts were SOLD OUT in a matter of 1.5 hours in The Netherlands. Each concert (of approx. 50,000 to 60,000 seats) were sold out 30 minutes after each other.


  1. 'the most successful band in the 19th and 20th centuries' uhmmm, I'm not a U2 expert, but could it be that they have existed for 2 centuries now, and still going strong in the 21st century, lol? Have fun at the concert though!

    To get back to the study thing: yeah, if I were you I'd just wait till you get the Dutch nationality so you can get a 'discount', haha. Anyway, good luck with that!!

  2. ELJA: u were quite fast girl. i was just going through editing when u posted, lol! and yes they have indeed crossed over to 2 centuries, the 20th (1900-2000) to the 21st (2000-2099). they are the long standing band ever... since the 1980s (my teens hehe). their fans are usually the older ones like dutchman and i! hehe

    re: dutch school, i may be able to get a discount (not sure though) because i am a resident here and my partner is dutch... so all dutch citizen benefits i automatically inherit (or so i thought?).

  3. (-SIGH-) Tell me how the concert is. You are the luckiest person I know.

    You'd better not use that Modern Talking picture as an avatar on asawa, you'll get eaten alive LOL!

    Gee, I wonder if I should even be posting here, it might end up on some forum somewhere accusing me of all kinds of mischief...


  4. While baking today, the music on tv was all mid 80s...Curiosity Killed the Cat, Kate Bush, Sade, U2, I had it so loud couldnt care what the neighbours say! I wonder what could have you done if you didnt get the ticket? Is touting popular in Holland too? Are you willing to pay a lot just to see U2 Years back I went to concerts free (all I did was, as soon the promotion company send in the information to the newspaper where I worked, the secretary calls to secure my pass, joy heaven it was!)....btw where in Cebu you are from? and which high school you went? PS I have seen U2 as guests on MY CHRISTINA O...they are friends of my Irish ex boss!

  5. RIK: now we both have stalkers! congrats!!! hehe! don't mind them, let them concoct whatever mischief they want, it won't make me cry wolf. in fact I get really pissed when I don't see any stories about me.

    but really, we are so overjoyed by getting the U2 tickets! can't wait for july :-)

    SCHATZLI: hey sha, i sent you an email dear re: your questions. check it out!

    have you met bono and the gang yourself in monaco???

  6. yes its no more big deal with my work but still sends you butterflies...I have no pics some crew had. Got yr email... didnt check last night. Not exactly Monaco, U2 band members have villas in the area between Monaco & Nice. With the yacht anchored just nearby they can come and go without the hassles of the paparazzi and we are meant to keep quite too ;-)
    Chef did have a great expercience doing a bbq with a famous actor helping him flip the meat and Bruce Springsteen singing next to him. This still send him shivers! Psst we can talk this privately ;-) agencies might not give me jobs! Discretion is part of this job

  7. Anonymous8:47 pm


    im not a celebrity or showbiz fan. but i am a music gal, though i dont like bruce springsteen. i have a chosen group of singers that i would want to have a 5 minute chat! i would envy u if u have shaked hands with bono, hehe.

    i like U2 coz they arent an ordinary band. their music touches on politics, economics, religion, social and global issues. U2 isnt just about music, they preach a different kind of reality gospel. try paying attention to the lyrics of their songs. even their concerts have a different theme, usually something controversial. cool eh?

    yeah, be discreet!!!! hehe!


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. HI Miss T rather Radical Miss T, you certainly have the passion for controversial things ;-) Thought you were also a showbiz gal as well!
    Yes I know U2 songs, everyone at school were into U2, I still have the tapes which I collected in the mid 80s.
    Other than that, I also have read a lot of Irish politics and Bono is passionate about this. Bloody Sunday, if not mistaken referred to the march in the 70s in which British troops fired to the peaceful demonstrations in Northern Ireland!
    Well yes I did meet them....they are friends of my ex boss after all... and I still have rattle & drum here.
    Broken bottles under children's feet
    Bodies strewn across the dead end street
    But I won't heed the battle call
    It puts my back up
    Puts my back up against the wall
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    Wow! I can imagine your excitement this July! Great to meet a smart woman like you over the net!

  10. Anonymous2:36 am

    This is a nervous moment whenever you and him were waiting and hoping to get the tickets, when I was in such situation, my heart knocked so hard, ArghhhHhh!!

    eheheheheh XD I become nervous easily [I already felt nervous when I read heheh]


  11. You're so lucky MissT. I tried for several years to get ticket to Eric Clapton's concerts. They always get sold out after only after a few hours. I gave up now.

  12. Anonymous9:55 pm

    SHA: thanks for the nice words hehe. ya sunday bloody sunday was indeed controversial. i heard some politicians wanted it to be banned. its like that song "state of the nation" by the band industry, it talked about politics and war.

    U2/bono was the other day featured here on TV. he is one busy political-religious singer... he has met up with clinton, mandela, pope, etc... and have been active with the sarajevo case and the aids in africa. i like that, he has causes. that made me more appreciate the band.

    anyway, i envy you na nga hahaha! you have met them up close and personal. and it seems to me that you are also a fan, like me :-)

    ECHA: the dutchman was really nervous! he was so restless pacing to and fro in the postkantoor. we think that we were lucky to get the tickets... well already 3rd concert... because after 15 minutes, everything, all 3 concerts were sold out!

    CELIA K: hey. i think that you have to camp overnight and wait on the cue if you are going to these popular singers/band concert. they are too popular, everyone wants to see them perform, hehe.

    MissT test

  13. Hi i want to know if there are schools here in Cebu that offers Dutch courses or tutorials.

  14. Hi..i want to know if there are schools here in Cebu that offers Dutch tutorial. Im going to Netherlands because my Aunt ordered a petition to send me there. The problem is i dont know the dutch language and it happened so bad that the Dutch government requires visitors to know the dutch language.. Pls. help me. Send me an email at


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