Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What did you eat for Breakfast?

I am not really a breakfast person, I mainly take coffee and I’m done already. There are times though that I have cravings on certain mornings, then I eat. I take either a saucijzen broodje (see foto below) or an appelflap (Apple turn-over).

Saucijzen broodje, the meat is like ground sausage wrapped in thin flaky bread. Typical Dutch.

Back in the Philippines, I also seldom eat breakfast. There was just very little time to do it. I lived alone, and the call-in maid I hired comes only during weekends to fix up the flat. In fact when she’s around I cook for her. I try to be nice because she is making my place livable again.

What Filipinos in Manila eat for breakfast:

Tapsilog for breakfast, the Tagalog way.

Taplisog, it means Tapa for tap (beef) – Sinangag for si (fried rice) – Itlog for log (egg). There are other variations of the tapa viand, could be pork, sausages, and fish. Yes, very Pinoy indeed!

Tapa King is the best food chain for Tapsilog and I always pick the Tapa Queen menu because its spicy.

What Filipinos in Cebu eat for breakfast:

Puto, mangga, sikwate for breakfast. Foto taken from wanderlustsha.com

And in Cebu where I grew up and was born, we would have the puto (sticky rice), ripe yellow mouth watering mangga (mango, see on the side bar my Cebu link, where I was born), and the sikwate (chocolate drink made from real grinded cocoa beans) for a hearty traditional breakfast. Yum, yum!

Many Cebuanos also eat this for afternoon snack. And i
f visiting Cebu, go to Cafe Laguna. They serve this at a reasonable price.

And here’s what the Dutch eat for breakfast:

Quite simple, them Dutch doesn’t want to be harassed in the early mornings, so they settle for a really quick cold bite. They take coffee after or later when they get to work, which by the way as per statistics, the average Dutch at work drinks between 4-8 cups of coffee during the day.

Bruin boterham met boter en kaas… en koude melk (Brown sliced bread –usually wheat- with butter and cheese… and cold milk). Now, this is echt typisch nederlands (really typical dutch)! They also eat fruits for breakfast, the most popular are apple, orange and banana.

While we are on this subject, would you believe that the Dutch eat the same thing during lunch too? Yeah, day in, day out. These clogheads never really pay any attention to their food. For many of them its all about survival, just something to fuel up their bodies. Thus perhaps the reason why they do not have any cuisine credits. And get this, they also drink milk during lunch? I have even seen opas (grandfather) and omas (grandmother) drink milk too.

I may sound strange but I have this myth sitting on my head that milk is only for the kids, or if not, for the women (for osteoporosis). But ever since I set foot in this country, I seem to be wrong.


  1. Sarap ng tapsilog :)
    Interesting, I also got used to seeing what I would call breakfast being eaten at dinner. In El Salvador, dinner could be eggs, frijoles(beans), queso(cheese), tortilla(corn) and platano frito(fried plantains).
    About the milk, I used to drink it like water but after getting educated and changing my consumption, I definitely feel better and healthier (http://www.notmilk.com/).
    I'm glad I came across your blog...really great!

  2. SNEAKY: welcome! i too miss tapsilog :-( we dont have those here in europe, more so in NL... unlike there in the US, you have more options.

    i was allergic to cow milk (and my mothers) when i was a baby, i was given soya milk instead.

  3. Anonymous12:27 am

    Hi MissT, hehe i remember those really heavy breakfast sa phils. although I force myself to eat breakfast before I go to work because we don't get to have lunch till almost 2pm! talk about slave work. but those Saucijzen broodje you were talking about. dito sa australia we call them sausage rolls. :) may mini versions pa.

    i bumped into your site about 3 days ago. Now I'm hooked! haha... nagkakandapuyat na ako kakabasa. I've always been interested sa mga pinoys living overseas lalo na if they are in NL! :) You know, I've always wanted to go out with a dutch guy even when I was in high school. But I've only succeeded to go out with a half dutch-pinoy! :P

    will be coming back here more often missT. keep it up.

  4. Anonymous2:11 am

    Learn something new every day...TAPSILOG. My parents cooked that often when i was growing-up, but I didn't know the whole meal had a name haha. I need to get more in tune with my heritage.

    i still eat the dutch-way even though i'm back in the states...boterham for b-fast...boterham for lunch. Though good cheese here cost an arm and a leg :(

  5. Toast or cereal for me. I am a man of simple needs ;) When I am in the Netherlands I don't eat breakfast for the simple reason that *everything* is too rich!

  6. RIO: hi welcome to my world, hehe. yeah filipino breakfast are just too heavy, thats the reason why i seldom eat because come 12 lunch, i would still be full, lol.

    whats with dutch men that you were so interested with? :-) the dutch are less romantic you know, but they are quite straightforward, and prefer to tell the truth upfront.

    JESSICA: hey now you know what tapsilog means! hehe. other variations would be porksilog (marinated pork) and longsilong (longganiza, filipino sausage).

    the brown wheat boterham is also healthy you know, so keep that up! how much does for example the gouda cheese cost? let's say 500 grams?

    IAN: hi there and welcome :-). cereal (with muesli) and toast reminds me with the english hehe. a bit curious on what do you mean with "rich", rich in dairy?

  7. milk for lunch..wow, that's new to me. havent seen that in the dutch menus when i was visiting ams..hmm, i guess i missed something..

  8. Hey MissT! I guess I'm typically non-Dutch when it comes to breakfast... I like to eat anything! I had a period where I just ate rice in the morning, but now usually, I make two 'tosti's'. I never drink milk though, don't really like the taste...

  9. ANALYSE: you don't see these typical dutch stuff if u only visit amsterdam and the tourist places. amsterdam as argued by many dutch does not represent holland. they think amsterdam is a country on its own, lol. you have to get in tuned with the locals. dutch people normally drink milk for lunch at home and guess where? in the office canteen! yeah my 40 something dutch male colleagues drink milk, lol! (and my in laws too!) i really find that strange!

    ELJA: ah ur a fresh breath of fresh air in this dutchland hehe. i see a lot of those dutchies eating with their bruin boterhammen and kaas in the trams and trains.

  10. Anonymous1:21 am

    Hi Jor! Da-uy, naabsent na nuon ko sa mga bali-balita!Ik heb het druk hoor! Nicum's favorite was also tapsilog, mine was longsilog and tosilog (tocino Dhay! lekker)... but those were the days :-O Now, I have to endure the boterham at lunch. Like you I skip breakfast. But unlike you, we eat fish paksiw, sinigang, bagoong with manggang hilaw, and bitter gourd with egg... really Pinoy! Hehe... thanks to the Toko and the oriental shop nearby.

  11. MADAM'E: pareho ta day sa "ik heb het druk". Actually the right term or phrase that applies to me is "ik ben onder druk!" waaah! I am not so into the Filipino food if I am the one cooking, so pala-aga unya ko diha sa inyo one time and prepare all the filipino stuff, hehe.

  12. Holy crap, you had me cracking up with that "cloghead" line...


  13. DoesDutchman reads this blog? You just called his compatriots clogheads... hahaha, am in UK english breakfast on weekends, and I love black pudding (you know whats this?) otherwise Greeks dont eat breakfast, but I cant start a day without tea. I have cut down tea.. lemon and hot water.

  14. RIK and SHAdutchman reads EVERY BIT of this blog... and so does my IN LAWS(!)... and dutchmans friends lol. you see them dutch are rubber faced, they are not that sensitive to cry mama when criticized. thats the thing i like with the dutch, they are fair game. here in NL, part of the national sport other than football and skating is "throwing insults at each other", lol.

    yah, i think i know what that black pudding is. in UK, its all pudding and pudding and pudding!


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