Friday, March 04, 2005

-20C and Dutch Cabarets


Instead of a promising spring, March greeted us with a heavy downfall of snow. The whole of north Europe is blockaded in majestic sheath of whiteness. The temperature has dropped tremendously too. Last night (Thursday), the lowest point was a freezing -20.6C! BBRRRR...

Such a cute pair!Foto by Gerrit Waterlander of


My first Dutch Cabaret experience was last Tuesday. Dutchman and I, together with another couple (Dutchman’s colleague) watched this cabaret show somewhere in Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam. In the English dictionary, cabaret means: floor show, a series of acts... but in Holland it means: stand-up comedy show.

I did not really mind that the whole show was in Dutch but since I just arrived fresh from my Madrid trip the other night, yeah at 1AM(!), and went straight to work the next day, I was not in my best night-out mood. I felt like a walking zombie.

Well, throughout the show, Dutchman kept elbowing me; I was dozing on and off! Geez ha-ha! The minuscule theater was so dark; I felt helplessly lethargic sitting in there. My eye vision dazed, wherever I look, everything just turns into circles of blurry images and if I try to fight back the urge to close my eyes and sleep, I become cross-eyed.

The Cabaretier, Eric van Muiswinkel in his act, “The Antiquriaat Oblomow” in De Kleine Comedie Theater in Amsterdam. We were sitting from the balcony where Dutchmans colleague took the picture. Notice how dark it is?

Additionally, the two stand-up comedians were speaking in some kind of modern Dutch Byzantine language. A beginner in Dutch like me could not handle all these complexities.

(1) Typical Dutch Sayings or Expressions --- Huh? What did you say again?
(2) They were imitating popular Dutch figures in the society --- Who did you say you said who?

YAWN. YAWN. YAWN. So very bad of me but I was glad it was over.

We then proceeded to this bar that looked like a 1970’s nightclub. The interior was too ritzy; the floor carpet and furnitures were covered up in shocking red velvet. I can't seem to remember which woke me up: the warm cup of cappuccino or the violating red interior?

Resolution: Spice up my Dutch, learn the Dutch Proverbs, watch more TV and the next time I go to a Dutch cabaret, I promise I will not sleep!

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