Sunday, March 27, 2005

Travel Easter: Jersey (UK) & Amersfoort (NL)

JERSEY ISLAND (U.K. Channel Islands)

The Dutchman is finally back last Friday from the island of Jersey near the French border. Jersey, together with Guernsey, are a well-known off-shore banking havens (just like Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Carribean). The money making business is centrally located in the island's capital, St. Helier. And get this, be ready to be green with envy... the local citizenry pays a cut-rate flat tax of only 20%!

Dutchman brought with him some of the Jersey gorgeous scenes.
The weather worked in favor with him this time, so the captured panoramas were almost picture perfect.

1st Foto: The spectacular Mt. Orgueil Castle by the Gorey beach in Jersey 2nd Foto: A yacht haven in one of the villages with a picturesque view of the buildings along Jersey's coastline. Dutchman forgot the name of this place. I think this could be St. Aubin.

1st Foto: How the locals in Jersey island live, in St. Aubin. Posh eh? 2nd Foto: German bunker. The island was occupied by the Germans during the WWII and these bunkers were used to combat against the English.

Another nice view from on top, overlooking the yacht bay. Looks like the tropics with the palm trees!

He was also able to capture on camera the take off and landing of British Airways, Boeing 737. It’s just too bad that I do not have a server to store these and I could have posted the link here.

AMERSFOORT (The Netherlands)

Weekend was spent in this historic medieval town, Amersfoort. We were supposed to go to Maastricht down south but we slept too long, we woke up late. Going to Maastricht will be at least 2 hours, so instead, we decided to spend our time in gezellig (cozy) Amersfoort. The weather was not cooperating that well so the pictures are a bit dark and sober.

1st Foto: Inside the fortified Centrum on a busy Saturday, the street full of city shoppers on the go. The gate is called the Kamperbinnenpoort, which dates back in 1425. 2nd Foto: And here is the outside section of the Kamperbinnenpoort.

History said that this gate was part of the first defensive belt built by Amersfoort during the medieval ages. Too bad, the moat surrounding the walled Centrum is not seen in this picture.

1st Foto: A quaint street just a few meters outside the walled Centrum. 2nd Foto: A narrow street, which is quite typical in the old settlements of European cities, leads to a church tower called the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren (The Steeple of Our Lady). The tower was completed in 1480.

The Dutchman had to take these photos real fast because there were many bikers and passers-by!

And lastly me... captured by the Dutchman yesterday Saturday in Amersfoort. (French friend did the trick on these picture)


  1. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Ohhh! very nice photos indeed!!!
    Tell meneer Dutchman to bring you there next time! LOL I'm left to just envy. Aaahhh, beautiful Europe!!!
    Aha! I see the black jasje we bought together at Claudia Strater! Looks good on you mi amiga!
    Had the whole PM with Amy and Michel in Zaanseschans. A blast!
    Madame E.

  2. hey MADAME E!

    i am sure you have a blast with amy and michel at zaanse schans. did you guys get to go up the windmill?

    i saw nice new jasjes at claudia strater... hhmmm... hehe.

  3. I like ur pictures too! I heard about those islands near the UK (south of them etc) being concered by palm trees, hehe! They say it's because of the warm sea-streams that come from the caribean or sth? Anyway, looks good, hope you had a nice easter! Elja.

  4. Just getting back after being out SICK again. Caught a bug from the X Man...

    I never knew Jersey Island was so beautiful - this looks like a place I would really enjoy. Better put it on my list. Great pictures!

  5. Elja,

    Today we are going to the woon boulevard where all the dutch are going, lol. i will make an entry about this later, its fun. but i need to buy new plants, new lamps and continue my 1 year in the making search for a chandelier that fits our home.

    you have a nice 2e paasdag!


    yes, its a nice island and very expensive too! check the link on Jersey on the first paragraph and you will see a preview of the whole island.

    hope you and the x-man are doing well now. happy easter!

  6. Guernsey - Jersey or Friesian Cow are two world famous breeds. They were introduced from the French Mainland by monks who settled in the Channel Islands over a thousand years ago. What's so special about them is that they are well known in the farming industry as producers of the highest quality of milk. They look absolutely the cutest too! The UK separate and classify these cows' milk as "Premium".

    hope the link works : [IMG][/IMG]

    if not : here's another

  7. MRS.F.

    The Dutchman rented a bike and cycled the whole island and he didnt see any cows. I guess he was cycling by the coastal area only and didnt go through the real countryside where the cows were.

    The Jersey cows in the pic look so cute (and tender to eat, hehe).

  8. M once lived in Jersey for few years... he had a restaurant there but had to close coz years back he wasnt not a EU citizen...

    but lets forget about jersey and dutchman escapdes over there hob nobbing with the rich stashing their money in that island.. let me say i love you belt! LOL

  9. SHA, you mean because M was a Swiss national so EU regulations doesnt apply to him, and only EEA?

    the belt i bought here in utrecht, thanks :-)

  10. SWITZERLAND is an EEA EFTA member we just enjoyed the rights like an EU member last 2003.

    When M was in Jersey he was given 5 years permit that was in the mid 80s so now we are enjoying all the EU rights, am now Swiss too so its easier to hop from one country to another.
    The other day we applied for tax papers we only had to show our passports, we are now enjoy the EU rights!!!!

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