Wednesday, March 02, 2005

White Holland

It has been snowing like cats and dogs here since yesterday!

We were in Amsterdam last night to watch this Cabaret (Stand up Comedy Show) and boy was I pissed because I forgot my hat *again* at home. I hate having snow on my hair. All my blow drying effort went down the drain. Hrmp.

And as a result of the heavy deluge of snow, heavy traffic today raped the highways, trains were late, some didn’t even run. But kids love it, and so did my colleagues at work. Breaks were spent throwing snowballs at each other. Watchout hehe.

So here are some pictures of White Holland today...

Langlaufen in het centrum van Amsterdam – by Bastiaan Schönhage

Is someone lost country-skiing in the heart of Amsterdam? Hello... this is not the Alps meneer (mister), haha. I guess this guy is grabbing every snow chance to his advantage, as it seldoms snow like this in the Netherlands. Well go for it!

1st Foto: Terrasje pikken op de Nieuwmarkt - by Michiel Bontenbal. 2nd Foto: Shetlanders in de Drentse sneeuw - by S. Boerma.

Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam is one of my favorite scenic places. And ah, the shetland ponies are enjoying the snow in Drenthe. Patty Braad, a Dutch actress says that Patricia Paay, another Dutch actress and glamour icon here, looks like a shetland pony, lol.

1st Foto: De kou trotseren in de Zaanstreek - by Eline Kleibrink. 2nd Foto: Medemblik bedolven onder dikke laag sneeuw - Lex Salverda.

This is what I call Dutch Culture --Unadulterated. The clogheads are die-hard bikers, they will pedal push themselves to wherever oblivion is. It doesn’t really matter what season it is, come spring, summer, fall, and certainly winter! And a typical charmant Dutch village, under siege with thick snow. Prachtig (beautiful)...

Photos courtesy of and you can find more snow fotos Snow Fotos.


  1. Bikes on snowy day? Only in clogland isnt it? Dont mention snow am beginning to dread Oslo ;-)
    I love skiing though... hats I wonder why we hairblow, bloody hats flatten my hair!

  2. SCHATZLI: wow u have a pic now! hehe

    yeah the dutch are bike loyalists, they bike at any weather!!! lol!

    dont you just hate flat hair? ggrrr.

  3. Anonymous12:29 am

    hey golf yet..we did have snow last Monday night about 9 inches Upstate NY and 7.5 inches officially in Central Park NY. Can't wait for snow to melt that we can start the golf season.BBrrrr!What? NY next stop for you.... Mel(gyoshisbabe) should organize a mini-reunion soon.Sayang/too bad...Manang Kusinera is up in Maine.joe2par

  4. I spent Christmas 2004 in Hoorn and Den Haag. Though it was snowing at that time, it seems that it was not as bad then as it is now. By the way, I prefer the hormonal change theory.

  5. Anonymous12:52 am

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  6. Anonymous12:54 am


    Steve T

  7. JOE: i know its freezing up there in NY. dont worry, NY is one of our stops :-)

    STEPHEN: den haag is lovely!

    oh and im doing some winter cleaning...

    i have also changed the posting comments to "registered users ONLY", so please get registered because the anonymous comments are prone to trolls who feed on people's rich lives :-)

  8. thoughts trolls are meant to be interesting lots! Life is fun in blogging ;-) so much to talk about!

    where are those boring old trolls???
    sad old gits ;-)

  9. Love your site. A girlie after my own heart!

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  13. Yesterday I hated the snow... it caused me lots of delay! But today...: I'M LOVING IT!! Weekend starts at around 14.00, and I plan to play a little in the snow, think I deserve it, haha! I worked hard the last couple of weeks :P!

  14. PS trolls are as cute as gnomes aren't they?

    Well in Switzerland, they have what they call GIFT SWERGLI... simply means POISONOUS GNOME!

  15. Thank goodness you took the weather back with you. They had forcasted the same weather for us here, but we are enjoying a

  16. ooops.... technical failure there.

    as I was saying it's 8 glorious degrees here.

  17. SHAcute as gargoyles hehe

    Gyeah! we are expecting for a -15C tonight till the morning!

  18. Brrrr...Just looking at those pics freezes me. It's been snowy here since yesterday and that is very rare where I live. Nobody wants to go outside.A little snow and we are all bundled inside,me in my favorite kotatsu,the low heeled table with a foot warmer covered with a thick quilt.

    Pssst...I think men will be following you wherever you go,MissT!

  19. SACHIKO: last night it was -18! and the lowest was -20.6 in lelystad which is in north of amsterdam. it was snowing again when i left the office and its expected to snow until the end of the week.

    i like that kotatsu! i have a small table here too, looks like a foot stool but its a small table. i use it to put my magazines :).

    i love japanese design...


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