Friday, August 05, 2005

Summer Sale

It’s almost over! And even if you hurry up to the store stands, there won’t be much left anyway. The nice items on sale were sold weeks ago. The left over clothes on the display racks looked despicable, like they were donated by leger des heils (salvation army).

During any sale season, this is what you normally see plastered or hanging on the store windows of Holland:
Uitverkoop” which means Sale and another popular one, “Opruiming” which means Clearance.

I delighted myself and bought a few items on sale but I am extremely annoyed and I want to frantically pull my hairs apart for not checking the stores early.

Since I’m giving my wardrobe a total face lift (that means my 4 to 5 year old clothes must go), I planned on buying matching suits on sale, such as blazers + pants or skirts. But ho, the women in this country are freaking fast. Anything on sale didn’t go to waste but went under the microscopic scrutiny of my fellow Dutch shoppers. They are quick, and oh well, I was not. Anywho, I bought a couple of blazers, no pairs on sight though, [sniff], so I ended up buying, then later, digging my closet to find something to match for them!

A vocal and luring sale poster… “Alles moet weg!” (everything must go!) “Korting” means discount.

One of my good finds is a 50% off cute Laura Ashley black loafer (for my walking purposes) to match my almost 2 year old Francesco Biassia black bag. Click here to see a photo.

I have to confess. I am not a real shopper nor am I a bargain hunter. If compared to those Filipina market hagglers or let’s say, even the inexperienced Dutch punter, I, in contrast would definitely be a stark naked baby, committing all the rookie mistakes in haggling and bargain hunting. I know, I am so pathetic!

This one is quite vulgar, a huge 70% discount banner, hehe.

The solace I have is self control, thus my money is usually well spent. I indulge from time to time but the items I mostly buy goes through an automatic paralysis-analysis exercise. In this order: Do I like it? Do I really want it? Wait, do I need it? How much? Is it on sale? How much again? Can I do without it? Worse, if I can’t really decide, I do this: I will think it over for a day or two, maybe a week!

See, there is no hope. I may not have the bargain hunting syndrome, but I have the ultimate virus. I have totally become DUTCHIFIED!

Summer sale usually starts late June and ends early August, every year.

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