Tuesday, August 09, 2005

TOKOS and the PINAY in ME

A food store that sells exotic provisions here in the flatlands; well doesn’t always have to be Asian edibles but could also be coming from other cultures of color, other than of the Caucasian twist; is called a TOKO.

An exotic food shop in Utrecht City selling mostly Asian food adapts the term TOKO as a conspicuous sign for its store.

How the term was adapted and popularized by these exotic food barns is somewhat vague to the nosy me. For all its simple glory; that I only know of, TOKO in the Dutch dictionary just means winkle, a STORE.

But that isn’t really that simple. It doesn’t sound virtually right when locals here say, “I am going to the bicycle TOKO [umm…], a flower TOKO [eh try again?], a laundry TOKO [lacks the ‘it’]”.

True, they are examples of stores thus indisputably they should be or are TOKOS, but it’s kind of like hearing someone you do not fancy, whisper I love you to you on your ears. It’s cheesy and it just doesn’t fit.

So when someone says, “I am going to the TOKO”, which literally means: “I am going to the exotic food shop”; somehow someway, perhaps by divine cultural intervention, people just know what kind of TOKO you are going to. Amazing how a word can develop into something that specific!

Moving on…

Tadaaah! I bought last week a Bagoong Guisado (Sauteed Shrimp Paste) in the TOKO!

I bought the Dagupan Bagoong Guisado (Dagupan Sauteed Shrimp Paste) for €2,50 ($3.00 / P173.00) and 100grams of Sesame Seeds for €0,80 ($0.99 / P55.00).

My palates have been yearning for that familiar tang of sour and salty delight [read: green crunchy mango with hot & spicy bagoong]. The thought of it makes me salivate now. [slobbers]

Alright, before someone even starts, I am not pregnant [heaven forbid, LOL]. Okay, stop that thought!!! *Erase*

I also can’t get enough of exploiting sesame seeds in my whipped up dishes. I love them sprinkled on top of my not quite vegetarian meals. They go well with sesame oil for flavoring by the way.

Ah, the smell of sesame oil just opens up the gateway of your uninhibited appetite. It makes you want to gorge the entire meal without pausing for breathing. Not that you’re not allowed to do that, but hey, I have seen people attack their food like it’s their last day of being fed!

Have mercy on them! If Dutchman ever does that in front of me, I am going to put him on a leash. Really.

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