Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Effects of Greed

I have been sinning gratuitously in the last two days. I couldn’t control myself and indulged in my feral addiction. I gorged 3 dried sausages! The Spanish Fuet, Italian Cacciatore and Spianata Romana all went down to my greedy stomach. If you are familiar with European cured and dried sausages, I am sure you will say its too much.

I know it’s insanely blasphemous to my so-called living a healthy lifestyle. Such a shame, I am a weak human being, flaws and all, destined to trap and fall.

The Spanish Fuet [the small oblong cuts], Italian Cacciatore [the round cuts] and Spianata Romana [the large square cuts] cured and dried sausages.

Don’t be fooled, the photo only showed a little part of the total servings I ate. I think I ate six or more servings of these in just a matter of two days. *Cry*

Well, after eating all those and having my fill, I woke up today feeling sick and groggy. The culprit must have been all those pork fats swimming now inside my intestines. I guess my worms are not used to the sudden surge of meat so it’s begging my insides to scream. I badly need to wash away these freaking wretched fats.

I am actually having some strange side effects reaction. I seem to think I am not breathing properly, my shoulders have pain and my stomach is always full? Am I paranoid? I know I am not anorexic. I am far from that though I’d wish to be at this very moment.

Abstinence here I come, but only for a few months...

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