Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fresh produce from my father in law's garden

The in laws are back in Italy for their second vacation leg this year. They usually spend four to five months every year hopping all over the country, experiencing how the locals live, sampling their cuisine, visiting quaint villages, and basking in the rich culture, art, history and the last rays of sun.

So when they are away, it is the Dutchman’s task by default to conscientiously mow the grass in their backyard. I have no role there but Dutchman reminded me that his father told him I can harvest anything I want in his little greenhouse. So I took a peek and before me were ripe tomatoes and peppers!

I also thought it would be nice to pick some flowers and plants to liven up our white and earthen abode.

Clockwise from top, all the fresh produce and flowers, lovely plump tomatoes [vleestomaten], cherry tomatoes [or trostomaten?], and huge chili peppers.

If I had known that we’re going tomato picking on a Sunday, I would have saved myself the effort and money from buying some last Saturday in the supermarket. But anyway, the new set of tomatoes offered the best excuse in making some tasty and healthy Bruschetta. A nice treat for our Sunday afternoon siesta.

I bet the chili peppers would do well with stuffed couscous [with a mix of vegies and a little ground meat]. A friend told me that I might have to steam it a bit before loading in the couscous concoction. Hmm, I could do that.

The cherry tomatoes will obviously be best for salads.

The FINISHED product

And after much labor, voila.....

My home made Bruschetta with toasted French bread, a very delightful treat together with our Royal Blend English tea on a Sunday.

The Dutchman could not stop announcing that it was very delicious. Like a dog, he slurped and licked the last drop and morsel of the Bruschetta. Ah great, I am very well pleased with the results.

And here is the flower arrangement…

Lovely isn’t it? I stared at them for hours, hehe.

And to think these flowers were free! If you buy a bunch of mix flowers just like this in the market or flowershop, it will cost between € 8 and € 12.

The arrangement is a combination of five flowers and plants [do not ask their names because I have no clue!]. They were carefully picked in my father in law’s garden, taking into mind that all of them must harmonize together in a nice camaraderie bunch. Well lo and behold, it turned out just perfect. A splendid colorful addition to our home ;-)

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