Monday, September 05, 2005

My first Ski lesson

I finally did it! My arms, not my butt, are suffering from muscle pain as we speak because I fell down a couple of times [I think 3x] from yesterday’s test run.

I should enlarge this foto and frame it. Don’t you think? That’s my instructor who was very patient with me.

The first trial lesson was surprisingly easy. I had a good “feel” of the thick ski blades and those sturdy monster ski boots locking my feet.

I learned how to glide down and how to move my hands up on the air down to my knees. The instructor also taught me how to slow down and brake by using the wide “V” method and also by slightly jumping off. Another thing I learned is how to glide and curve. You know, those nice choreographed ski stunts we see on TV with professional skiers parading down the slope in a “to-the-left and “to-the-right rhythm... ah, wish I can do that soon. The technique was bending the knee which I enthusiastically tried but this 35 year old bone coupled with my less daring stamina spells a very challenging combination.

Lights, camera, action! Hehe.

My formal ski lessons [actually a group class] will start 2 weeks from now until December. It will be a package of 13 lessons [13th lesson is free] which is 50 minutes per session, and once a week every Sunday. It isn’t cheap but I need it if I want to survive the winter sport holiday come January.

Dutchman says, if I give up 1 day of skiing in the Austrian alps, he will have no choice but to cash in the € 200 from me. Heaven forbid!

Check this out for more foto’s of the Skipiste and Nedereindse Plas [nature’s park] in Nieuwegein.

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