Thursday, October 13, 2005

The view from top

I was having my favorite vegetarian salad; a mix Italian Antipasto stuff, in La Place, a modish restaurant on top of V&D [Vroom & Dreesman, a Dutch department store] in Utrecht. I always take the window seat every time I am here because I love savouring the picturesque view outside. Later, I noticed [yeah after years of coming into this restaurant] that they actually have an open air terras [balcony] on the topmost part. So after I had my fill, I went up…

The panorama caught me by surprise. It was simply breathtaking! The weather was perfect, not that cold and the skies were clear [something that is considered a luxury or a phenomenon here].

So I started clicking away with my camera…

Here are some of the beautiful [with the help of my Fuji Camera and Picasa] snapshots of Utrecht’s Medieval City Centrum. Click each picture to enlarge.

Then there was this English girl and Swedish guy, obviously tourists, who passed by me and opened the gate to the outer section of the secured balcony. I had the idea that they were entering a prohibited area. The outer balcony section is too dangerous, but this Swedish guy flipped on the latch anyway. Guess what? I followed them, hehe.

You might ask how on earth I knew she was English and he a Swede. The answer is very simple actually. After 3+ years of living in Europa, one can easily identify the English accents of Europeans and the languages they speak, that is if you are an observant one like me. Other than that, I eavesdropped in their conversation. *wink*

I took the opportunity to give myself a tour of the building. About half round of the tour, I was convinced that I was in a forbidden area but nevertheless I pressed on. My curiosity and the spectacular view from atop have totally controlled me. I know, but what can I do, I am such a naughty girl!

To the south were the newer buildings, and where we actually live, but unfortunately the sun was glaring from that direction so it was not possible to take pictures. I only get a black shadow in my camera, or is this just a Fuji thing?

Satisfied, I collected myself and off I went back in to the secured open air terras… when suddenly I saw a distraught Chef [yeah he had that funny white hat on, how can they cook with a huge hat like that on their heads anyway?] coming out and waving his hands up on the air shouting, “Je mag daar niet komen!” [You cannot go in there], which actually means I or we were trespassing! Ooops…

The Chef gave me a really stern look… but I smiled cordially in return and quickly hurried away downstairs to avoid any lecture from him.

Whew, a narrow escape! At least I was done with my shots ;-)

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