Monday, November 07, 2005

In 1980,

Saturday is our boodschappen dag [grocery day], so while I was careening through Edah’s isle [a Dutch supermarket] with my shopping cart, I suddenly heard a familiar tune from the speakers. I stopped, unsure if it was what I thought on first instinct. I listened carefully and waited, until the familiar sound became unambiguous in my ears. And there, *brings a smile to my face* I knew it, I was right!

Anak” by Freddie Aguilar was playing on the Dutch radio station. Yeah, the Tagalog version.

Did you know that this 1980 world wide hit song “Anak” was number 2 in the Netherlands Top 40 Charts for 12 weeks?

I felt tingles of goose bumps and mix emotions hit through my system. Maybe because this is the first time I have ever heard a Filipino song aired on the Dutch radio; and what more, I didn’t expect it in public whilst shopping in Edah. You can say I was taken by surprise.

The RCA Anak LP [long playing] Album, in English it means Child. Those days when DVD’s iPOD’s and MP3’s do not exist yet.

This is the unsullied trademark of Freddie Aguilar in 1980 [and until now I think?] with his prized possessions, his guitar, his hat, his long hair and moustache.

I think I was the only person in the supermarket who knew the song, but that didn’t really matter to me at all. Hearing the old melody reminds me of my childhood days. +-1980, and I was 10 years old then…

... the strict German nuns in the school, one looked like a stick, the other a ball, what an odd pair; I hated my school uniform, I can’t keep it clean like the rest of the girls do and I despised the big ribbon on my chest too; playing Chinese garter in the school’s quadrangle, I can jump up real high by the way; throwing my school lunch into the garbage without my mom knowing it; wishing its always recess, lunch and time to go home;

... sardined in the Volkswagen beetle together with my cousins; going to the beach with family on weekends; Orange Brutus [the McDonalds and Jollibee of our time] on Sundays after church; birthday parties and dressing up in those silly fandangle frill pink dresses that I loathe because its itchy on my neck; fighting with my brother about who gets the most Coke;

... my dingbat neighbor, a teenage boy, threw a long, big but dead snake at me that sent my mother into a fit; listening to my grandmother’s tales about how men courted her during her young and beautiful days; having my first fist and claw fight with my girl friend neighbor in the bushes, was grounded for days; stealing mangoes from our neighbors at the back; sneaking out the house when there is a blackout to play buwan-buwan [moon game] with the other kids; someone stole my doll!;

... getting spanked and spanked and spanked, sometimes I have to kneel on salt because I have been very very naughty; playing Millionaires board game with the family until 12 midnight; E.T. the movie; attacking Lego straight after getting up from bed on a weekend without brushing my teeth; Sanrio Hello Kitty stuff; started my Nancy Drew collection;

... speech and Chinese lessons during summer, ugh, I didn’t understand why my mother enrolled me in this %$#@&!???; piano lessons, hated that wacky goose of our piano teacher who chases me and my cousins in the garden every time we enter her home, why the hell are they not locking up that predator? but before we take our turns on the piano, the maid serves us yummy cookies and Archie comics, so that was a nice consolation; art lessons, my favorite of all summer classes that I ever had;

... and opening my first kiddie savings account with the 'Happy Savers Club' which I was so proud of, until Banco Filipino went bankrupt.

Uh, the music stopped... Okay, that was it and now back to shopping.

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