Monday, December 12, 2005

A Glamorous Tree in Holland

Finally, my fake Christmas tree is up!

Well, the truth of the matter is... I would have loved to have a real alpine, spruce or fir tree towering in my living room. The idea that once I prick its needles will give off that fresh citrus-y heavenly fragrance was very tempting. But after weighing its pros and cons, I finally came to terms with the fact, that I am just one of those 21st century practical women.

First, I want my money’s worth [this tree was bought inclusive of lights]; second, I want to use it for years; and third, I hate cleaning the floor when the leaves start to fall off. To me, the debris it brings forth is just additional housework that I hate.

I made a promise to myself though that at least once, I shall put up a real tree at home ;-)

And voila, the glamorous tree in Holland! The color theme is none other than glamorous gold… brown with a touch of gold, porcelain off white with a touch of gold, silver with a touch of gold. Everything is a glam of gold. Click to enlarge the foto.

About 90% of the décor balls hanging in this Christmas tree were bought two years ago, a day after Christmas. Well last year we were in the Philippines for Christmas so we didn’t bother to put up anything at home. From the original price of €5.00 per box of 5’s, I bought the balls for a discount price of €1.00 per box. That was a great deal indeed.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch puts up their Christmas trees and other decors after Sinterklaas [Santa Claus birthday] which is 6 December. Back home in the Philippines, people start to decorate their homes right after All Saints and All Souls Day [1 and 2 November]. Some even earlier, hehe!

Then after New Years day, everyone here takes down their trees, which to me is quite early. I plan to take down mine after the 12th of January. You see, I love the long holiday feeling. *grins*


Did you know that the Christmas tree was first seen in Germany around the 7th century? It served as a pagan symbol of worship.

And did you know that it was the Augustinian German monk turned protestant, Martin Luther, who first lighted the Christmas tree with candles?

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