Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tres Marias in Amsterdam

It was a great surprise when MadamE told me that Missy Balot, fresh from Cebu, will arrive in Amsterdam from Paris via the fast French TGV train.

Like MadamE, I knew Missy Balot [although she’s younger than us, MadamE and I are both 35] back home in Cebu, Philippines for a good 15 years already. My, my, my, time sure does fly so fast!

She’s in Europe now for a couple of weeks to attend a conference exhibition in Paris, as part of her job back in Cebu. I didn’t expect that she will push through with the plan because bookings were done on the last minute, and considering that December is high peak travel month, I would have guessed that she will just encounter problems. Well I’m so glad she made it and even visited us here in damp Netherlands.

The tres marias, MadamE, me and Missy Balot in Rembrandtplein Amsterdam with the famous individuals depicted in the Nachtwacht [Nightwatch] painting, the most celebrated one of Rembrandt’s collection.

The friendly Dutch Police took this picture.

I have actually seen this magnificent and huge painting [like the whole side wall of a room] in the Rijksmuseum. It was said that a few years ago, a freak tried to tear the painting apart with a knife, well unsuccessfully.

The tres marias again, me, Missy Balot and MadamE inside the Three Sisters bar. The name of the bar suits us well too.

And as usual, the time came to baptize tourists who are new to Amsterdam, with... tadaah... a) a red light district tour along the canals and, b) a souvenir shot with those ubiquitous titillating sexual objects displayed in the sex shops.

So there, we did the custom ceremony for Missy Balot but helaas, I am still waiting [did not use my camera] for the other sleazy shots, especially the ones where we modeled in front of the gigantic dildos.

After seeing for years all sorts of furtive indulgence available in a finger’s snap in this country, I think MadamE and I have become so numbed and immune to erotic anathema.

MadamE and Missy Balot posing right across the Sex Palace in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The unwritten law or shall I say, the red light district etiquette, is to abstain from taking pictures of these prostitutes in their more or less birthday suits by the red lighted windows. We don’t want to be kicked in the butt by the gaudy sharp high heels they were wearing, so we behaved, tucked our tails and made sure not to shoot near their range. Goody girls we were, hehe.

Meanwhile, the seedy pimps in black coat and tie get up kept whispering to us in a gruff tone as we passed by, “We have NAKED MEN inside miss.” Awww... thanks for the kinky offer!!! But I was so damn tempted to whisper back that I don’t need these perverted naked men because I already got one at home. *tongue-out*

Me and Missy Balot giving our best smiles inside the bar.

I am really glad to see familiar faces of the past. I have lost touch with so many friends from Cebu after exiling myself in Manila for 10 years and then re-exiling myself again here in Holland.

But do you know what is remarkable when catching up with old friends? Its when you sit down together, talk and reminisce the past... the good and the bad times, the fun and the awkward moments and how we were like before.

Quite hilarious though, we thought that we looked and behaved exactly the same even 12-15 years later.

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